Why Add Clickable Links To Your Instagram Stories And How To Do It

One of the biggest turnoffs of Instagram for business owners and marketers is the absence of the “clickable link” feature. For you to direct viewers to your store from Instagram, you’d have to first plead with them to kindly check out the link to your store on your bio page.

And even more frustrating is the fact that you’ll need to change this link from time to time, as you add new products or info to your website.

Truth be told, it really is a frustrating experience – one that has caused many businesses to lose potential leads and customers.

In order to eradicate, or least water-down, this challenge, Instagram came up with the “clickable link in story” feature.

With this feature, business owners can now embed their store or site link into their stories so that prospects can easily click on them and move straight into their store.

But as of yet, not many people know how to use the feature. Hence, this guide!

If you’re one such person, read on to learn how to add clickable links to your IG stories.

What are the benefits of this feature?

Encourages viewers to do what you want

Truth be told, it’s a big ask telling someone to leave their IG feed page (where they’re having a nice time) to go to your bio page to buy from you.

The heck, they don’t owe you anything. And as such, are not duty-bound to inconvenient themselves for you.

With the IG story clickable link feature, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. The feature makes the path to your website much easier for viewers.

Increases traffic to your website

Instagram story is the only direct strategy you can use to bring prospects from Instagram to your site. Are you looking to generate leads on your site or increase the overall traffic on your site?

Instagram can help you achieve that. But the surest way it can is through the use of clickable links in your stories.

When you add a CTA like “link in bio” on your posts, viewers might be too lazy to go to your bio to do so. But when they see a CTA like “Swipe up to go to our store” on a story, you can rest assured that they will do it because it doesn’t stress them.

Increases sales

The biggest reason why Instagram doesn’t guarantee huge conversions is because of the absence of clickable links to store on its post. But with the clickable link in story feature, it becomes easy for your followers to visit your store and make purchases.

They no longer need to close their Instagram, launch a browser, and open a new tab on their browser before patronizing you.

A chance to present your link in the faces of prospects

Thanks to the fact that IG stories are always up for a 24-hour period, business owners have the opportunity to put up their site links every day, knowing full well that their story will not sink into the bottom like regular feed posts.

Who can use this feature?

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t yet available to everyone on Instagram. As of writing, only users with at least 10k followers can add clickable links to their IG stories.

I’m so sorry if you don’t have up to that because it is what it is!

But that’s not the end of the world. Yes, there’s still a way out for you. In fact, three ways to be precise!

The first, you can buy as many Instagram followers as you need to reach the 10k mark from a reputable site like Stormlikes Support. Secondly, you can add a simple text link to your Instagram story. Or you can ask people to click the link in your bio!

But if you’re ready to buy Instagram followers or already have 10k followers, read on to discover how you can add links to your stories.

How to add clickable links to your Instagram stories

  • Open your Instagram app and navigate to the homepage
  • On that page, click on the IG stories icon. You’ll see that on the top left corner of the home page
  • Customize your story by adding necessary filters, stickers, and texts.
  • Insert the clickable link by clicking on the “insert link” icon.
  • Create an inviting CTA (Call-to-action) – “Swipe up” to notify viewers of the presence of your link
  • Can’t find the “swipe up” feature? It means you don’t have up to 10k followers. But you know that already, don’t you?