Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers?

Instagram is an amazing platform that you can use to grow your influence in the online world. But as you can imagine, you might not be able to acquire Instagram followers all the time. You will actually end up losing some followers sometimes too. The first thing you want is to not panic. Some people like your content a lot, others less so. Your focus has to be on figuring out why you lose followers so you can get them back. And of course, you should also focus on acquiring new followers too.

Some things you do might put people off

For example, if you are overly promotional and you just encourage people to buy from you without giving any value, then they will go away. That’s one of the main reasons why companies and regular people lose Instagram followers. If the content is only promotional and there’s no real value attached to it, followers will go away. It’s clear for them that following you won’t bring in any great results, so might as well find someone else to fulfill their needs. What you want to do is to avoid promotional content and focus on the performance, features and benefits provided by your product. It will help a lot more than just overly promoting the same thing again and again.

There are some Instagram bugs too

Instagram had a bug on February 13 2019, and it wasn’t the only date when issues happened. The idea is that a bud might be the reason, so if that’s the case all you need to do is to wait for a fix from themselves. Update the app and then the follower count should be back to normal.

Instagram deletes fake followers

If Instagram finds any spam accounts that are either bots, inactive or fake, then most likely the Instagram follower loss is related to that. Your followers were fake or bots, and that’s why they were removed. Since you want to have a real audience, it’s extremely important to delete fake followers, and Instagram does that for you.

Some accounts follow and unfollow you automatically

Just like the situation above, Instagram is against such an issue and they will start punishing accounts that do such a thing. You will see the follower count slowly decreasing as they remove people that just follow and unfollow for the sake of it. You will need to try and get Instagram followers to recoup your lost followers or gain new ones.

Thankfully, there are methods you can use to acquire Instagram followers. And the best part is that most of the time the deleted or removed followers were fake anyway, so they won’t really give you a lot of value and quality anyways. We encourage you to stick to your guns and share great content. If the content is bland or overly promoting, then that will be bad for you. Create good content, post it often and listen to what people have to say to make it even better!

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