Amit Bhardwaj Gain Bitcoin Set to Revolutionize India

While India is still catching up to the Bitcoin revolution, with Amit Bhardwaj at the helm, it’s time for Bitcoin exchanges in the country to get with it before it loses ground. As of now, India is poised to be one of the largest Bitcoin markets on the planet. The Indian Bitcoin market is full of potential and small revolution is rising within India, with a small portion of the populace already using Bitcoin for transactions, remittances, and trading.

This is where Amit Bhardwaj GainBitcoin CEO has stepped up to the plate.

Meanwhile, the Indian government is still in the middle of a tug of war on who will regulate cryptocurrencies. Amit Bhardwaj means to take advantage of this turbulent time in India and make Bitcoin popular among Indians. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) are at a stalemate concerning how to correctly categorize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Should it be regulated by the SEBI as a security in the same way Gold and Silver are, as is proposed by the RBI? The SEBI disagrees and says that Bitcoin cannot be considered a commodity. And so the circle continues.

Amit Bhardwaj and GBMiners Set the Bar for Self Regulation

It doesn’t make sense for governmental bodies to decide the fate of Bitcoin. They’re not technologically knowledgeable enough to take on such an undertaking. But Cryptocurrency leaders such as Amit Bhardwaj have the mechanisms needed to create a much needed “self-regulation” of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies such as it.

They possess the technological savvy, comprehensive understanding, and foolproof systems needed to overpower the need for any superficial regulations. Those mechanisms are GainBitcoin and GBMiners.

Earlier this year in an interview, Amit Bhardwaj explains, “When I started HighKart in 2013, the bitcoin space was very small and nobody was ready to listen to the concept. That’s when I realized that people were using bitcoins as a commodity for investment and not as a transaction mechanism. We stopped HighKart and we ventured into the mining space.”

Bitcoin seen as a commodity by those who deal with it day in and day out are the ones who should be setting the bar, not governmental agencies who have ulterior motives behind any sort of regulation they set forth.

Who Is Amit Bhardwaj

Bhardwaj is the undisputed Guru of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. He is the Managing Director and CEO of Amaze Miners. Amit Bhardwaj has also invested in Airbitz and AlphaPoint as well as the one who founded CoinBank, the Safe Bitcoin Wallet, and GBMiners. All these companies are rising stars in India’s cryptocurrency sector and a force to be reckoned with in terms of experience as well as hash power.

Amit Bhardwaj has a message, too: “This is the best time for us Indians to participate in the Bitcoin and blockchain revolution. We are seeding a great investment opportunity for all, and this could be their best benefit of having a huge blank slate of a completely new industry.”

With a slipping economy and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi banning 500 and 1,000 Rupee currency notes, people are beginning to see what Amit Bhardwaj is talking about. It’s time to wake up and give the power back to the people and Bitcoin is a good way to do it. “Once the chain reaction reaches its critical mass,” Bhardwaj continues, “we’ll be prepared with our products.”

The Work Amit Bhardwaj Has Done for Cryptocurrencies

Amit Bhardwaj is a renowned speaker, charming the audience with his humor, wit, and vast knowledge of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Amit Bhardwaj is a pure success story that continues to inspire many young investors and potential entrepreneurs, especially in India. Everyone who knows him sees him as the Guru in India concerning cryptocurrency. For the youngsters in India, Amit Bhardwaj is the go-to-all when it comes to Bitcoin.

Amit Bhardwaj is an alumnus of the MGM’s College of Engineering in Maharashtra then worked for companies like Infosys and Reasoning Global as an IT specialist, giving him a good understanding of many aspects of the business and product development cycle.

Amit Bhardwaj’s accumulated amount of experience helped him launch NexGen Facility Management, which was his first venture. Amit Bhardwaj ran that business for four years before launching his next start-up

But launching killer start-ups, being the entrepreneur and visionary he is, Amit Bhardwaj decided to give back to the world and invest in many other start-ups. A few of these were AirBitz, 1Hash, Rock Miner, Air Selfie, and Alpha Point.

Now Amit Bhardwaj Gain Bitcoin CEO also owns part of GBMiners, which owns a little over 5 percent of the hashing power in India. That is roughly 86.62 PH/s. Amit Bhardwaj invested in GBMiners in 2016 and commented that this merger added support to add more currencies in their mining pool. Now investors all throughout India are investing in the opportunities that GBMiners is offering the public.

According to Amit Bhardwaj, Indian companies are adopting Blockchain technology more than they ever have. Even the leading banks in India have started to show interest in using Blockchain for their own decentralized fund transform platforms. Amit Bhardwaj was already a believer before they were though.

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