Guide for Beginners Overwhelmed by Cryptomining

Cryptocurrency is definitely exploding and shows no signs of slowing down. You are determined to make the most out of it, which is the reason cryptomining caught your attention. You’ll need a good guide to get started, and the following suggestions will help you on your journey.

Wallet Secured

First, make sure you’ve secured a wallet to hold your cryptocurrency. The coins you earn will need a secure location. Some use online versions, but you might earn a significant amount of coins. This is why you should consider something a little more safe, like a self-hosted wallet. You can download these programs on your computer, and they are not constantly connected to the internet where they are vulnerable. Do not forget to download a copy of the wallet on a number of backup drives, and print some out, too.

Getting Into Cryptomining

Cryptomining describes the process of verifying a cryptocurrency transaction before it is added to the ledger.


It sounds easy but actually requires a substantial amount of technology to crack the algorithm. A cryptominer is the one who cracks the code, but you normally need expensive equipment and a computer strong enough to process these transactions.


Furthermore, there are a lot of miners out there trying to crack that same code so the chances of you doing it are slim. This is the reason experts like Derrick Alling suggest joining a good mining pool where you are just part of a team of foot soldiers cracking codes. You’ll be investing in this dedicated team and winning profits by doing so.


Alling’s Atriark offers “cloud mining services for Bitcoin and other popular altcoins, such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash. The service was designed for those who have little to no technical knowledge of the mining process or for those who are not in the right environment for mining.” Those who want to get their feet wet but want to do so carefully should consider something like this.


Being a part of a larger group and an established company like the one mentioned earlier minimizes risk and ensures a return. It is important to note that patience and a relatively sizable investment is probably going to favor you in this endeavor.


Now, there are a number of questions someone looking to join a cryptomining company should be asking before choosing one. There are many options out there for you, making it harder to choose, but using the following set of questions should help guide you to the right place:

Important Things to Note When Choosing Mining Services

One thing you need to find out is the reward method or the pricing. What you want to see is fair market pricing. It may be a good idea to find out if there are any additional fees to worry about, like fund withdrawal fees or something similar.


You also want to find out how often you are going to get rewarded with coins. Frequency changes from company to company, so this is an important thing to figure out before choosing mining services.


The next thing you want to ask yourself is how easy the entire process is. You are new and do not want to run the risk of confusing yourself because something was unnecessarily vague. Ideally, you want mining services that are focused on delivering simplicity at all times. Hopefully, some of this information makes cryptomining a little less intimidating and as exciting as it should be because the bitmine is ready for you.