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How a Philanthropist is Reshaping Social Entrepreneurship in Ontario Canada

Philanthropy is something that often gets undermined and overlooked in today’s news unless it is truly significant. However, within the province of Ontario, Canada has a new philanthropist that’s undertaking an ordeal to redefine social entrepreneurship locally. Andy Lebada, the current owner of Garston Motors, provides some insight into running a business with a social mission.
Garston Motors is a family run business that was established all the way back in the year 1999. Since then, it has slowly expanded and enlarged its operations and interests, and now boasts over 200 cars in its inventory. Even though the company changed hands to the Lebada brothers from its original founder, Garston Motors has still maintained its core values, emphasizing on transparency and honesty in the auto industry.
More importantly, they have preserved and cultivated the Garston tradition of giving back to the community, and since 2013 has shifted more of its intent towards running a social company. They’re proud to have contributed in excess of CAD$120,000 to various local charities and non-profits to this date. And it’s always a ‘they’, indicating it’s a team effort, as Garston Motors is run by not just the Lebada brothers but also 20 other staff members that all collaborate to make the dealership tick.
Relatively speaking, it’s a modest dealership with a humble cadre of crew keeping it running. But this is where Garston Motors differs, as while other small businesses may prioritize on expanding horizons and earning larger profit margins, Andy Lebada has instead slowly molded Garston Motors into a social enterprise that sells used cars in Cambridge Ontario.
‘We may be a car dealership at heart, but we recognize that there are dozens of people out there, even in a regional scale, that needs a hand. The work we do out there is admittedly paltry, but we understand that it’ll slowly accrue over time and amount to something so much more. We aspire to influence other small local businesses to do the same and compound our effort. And so far, with seemingly more Ontario companies joining in the cause, we can only be thrilled.’ – says owner Andy Lebada.
It’s hard for any social work to be noticed nowadays, even more so if the achievement isn’t noteworthy enough to garner major media traction. Regardless, that doesn’t detract the endeavor that’s being carried out by Garston Motors. In fact, it only indicates how dedicated the members over at Garston Motors is at carrying out their duty.
‘Understandably, most folks don’t have a positive perspective of car dealerships in general. However, we’re out there to change this poor perception. And I reckon offering top notch customer service and running a business with a charity program is a good start.’ – He then states.
With that, Andy and Hicham Lebada intend to prove that even a small business and a car dealership can play a part in this world. Most of the company’s effort is centric around the Ontario region for now, but this also demonstrates that philanthropy can be a local deed, even in a developed location like Ontario.
Supporting charities is just a start for Garston Motors. They’re hoping that through their feat, they can encourage and foster a friendly community that’ll lend a hand to one another, with the talk of profit and revenue taking a back seat.