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How to Trade in Today’s Times and Earn More

The prospects for crypto money are obvious: in the next ten years they will become an integral part of the financial world and will be universally used as a means of payment in all areas of life.

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing how emails once changed the usual course of life.

Electronic wallets, which have already become absolutely familiar, did not immediately become popular either, plastic cards were also perceived as something outlandish and unusual, and at this time no one doubts the convenience of such a payment system.

Earnings using binary options attract many traders, and above all, the fact that trading is carried out directly by options, and not by the assets themselves.

Having bought an option, the trader makes a forecast for an increase or fall in the price of a given asset. In the light of this approach, such an asset as cryptocurrency deserves special attention, and above all, of course, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) – Bit (unit of information), Coin (coin). The first and most popular cryptocurrency of all digital currencies today. Talk about currency for the network has been going on since 1998, and the launch of Bitcoins was carried out in 2009. Use the bitcoin revolution website for more information.

All users in case of cryptocurrencies are equal to each other, which mean that no one can control the cryptocurrency rate.

Each user independently contacts the recipient, without any intermediaries and commissions, and the transfer of Bitcoins from the electronic wallet of one user to the wallet of another is carried out instantly.

When the cryptocurrency was launched, the cost of one bitcoin was less than one cent.

While after a year bitcoin was already worth a dollar, at the beginning of 2013 the price was about $30, and by the end of 2013 exceeded one thousand. Then there was a real Bitcoin boom and interest in this cryptocurrency grew among many.

Bitcoin is especially attractive for traders. The Bitcoin course is quite active, and therefore convenient for speculation.

Of even greater interest are the Bitcoin binary options, whose assets are the currency pairs Bitcoin/Dollar or Bitcoin/Euro.

There are few factors that influence the Bitcoin exchange rate, so keeping up with the news and important events regarding Bitcoin is easy. The cryptocurrency trend is confidently moving up or down usually over a couple of days.

This is a big advantage for effective trading. And given the fact that you do not need to install a wallet for trading options, which takes about 7 gigabytes, trading binary options Bitcoin is a very good alternative to the classic bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin – What are some potential investments?

What is the main difference between crypto money and ordinary electronic wallets? Traditional (electronic) wallets are an analogue of the usual paper money.

In order for the money to get into the wallet, it must be deposited there through a bank or other payment terminal. A digital currency immediately appears on the network. Thus, cryptocurrencies do not have an emission center (i.e., a bank issuing banknotes).

Cryptocurrency is a means for exchanging, storing savings and savings, a method of making payments, and paying for services.

All transactions are anonymous and at the same time transparent

Bitcoin stores the entire history of transactions that have ever taken place, it is called a sequential chain of blocks or blockchain. Anyone can use a public bitcoin address or hide information about the owner of the wallet.

Why is Bitcoin growth inevitable?

Usually, the more currency of any kind, the dollar or the ruble, it doesn’t matter, the faster inflation occurs. Those any currency is depreciated by its own state. For 1000 rubles now we buy fewer products than before.

People earn less, while spending – more, as required, because the money remains in the treasury. With Bitcoin, the opposite is true.

What’s the reason for cosmic growth of bitcoin?

Since the beginning of 2017, the value of bitcoins has increased after gaining legitimacy in countries such as Japan, Korea, Sweden and Estonia.

Even more important news is that conservative Russia is launching a project to deploy Bitcoin mining equipment.