Precious Metal Sales Projected to Stay Strong in 2021

Since the dawn of human civilization, something about precious metals has fascinated our species. To this day, we continue to hold them among the most highly valued assets in existence. People who were beginning to doubt this have been proven otherwise. Now, it seems as if we are entering the era of the bull market in the precious metals sector.

2020 Was a Historic Year for Precious Metals

When we make predictions about the future, our best source of data is in the immediate past. Unless something drastic changes, we can assume things will continue along a similar trend line. That being said, we can look at last year for some indications about the future of this year’s performance. In our opinion, that seems to be a good thing.

High Levels of Volatility:

If you looked at the overall movement last year, it appears as if the price was on an upward trajectory for most of it. Nevertheless, upon further analysis, we see a different trend. There were large swings in the value of most assets throughout the year. Therefore, how well you did depended on when you entered the market.

Overall Strong Performance Year-Over-Year:

Nevertheless, if you put money into precious metals last year, then you probably did well. Overall, nearly every class of assets is hitting historic highs at this point. Therefore, it did not take much of a strategy to do well.

Projections Indicate Continued Demand:

As of the moment, most industry analysts believe we should expect similar market behavior. Thus, it is good to enter the market. Chances are you’ll be up on your investment before the end of the year. In some instances, you could be up by a substantial amount. Currently, we see a record-breaking demand as we are entering the new year.

New Design of the 2021 American Silver Eagle Dollar

Part of the reason for the recent surge in demand has been attributed to the release of the new design. The American Silver Eagle Dollar has been around for over 30 years. Since it was released in the 1980s, it has become one of the world’s most prevalent precious metal investments. Now, you can get one for yourself. It is hard to get any better than that, in our opinion.

Heraldic Eagle on the Back:

The heraldic eagle has been among the most important pieces of patriotic imagery. Since it was first created in 1794, it has served as a source of inspiration for patriots throughout our history. Now, it will be the seal on the back of the coin. That way, you can carry a piece of this historical art with you. In addition, it is a beautiful way for you to mark your investment.

Same Old Classic Design on the Front:

The front of the coin will still sport the same images as before. Lady Liberty has stood on the front side of these coins ever since their initial release. Since that time, she has become a symbol of more than just freedom. She is a testament to the quality of our values as a nation.

Face Value of a Dollar:

These coins are issued by the United States mint. Therefore, they do function as legal tender. Nevertheless, the face value of the coin is much less than its real value. If you would like to use it as legal tender, it carries a face value of only one dollar.

Real Value of 1 Ounce Silver:

However, the real value will depend upon the market price of silver which fluctuates from time to time.  Since these coins contain 1 ounce of real silver, that is how much they will be worth. Depending upon how much people will pay for an ounce of silver, you will receive a different amount when you sell it. In the last 20 years, silver has gone from a low of around only four dollars, to a high of almost $50 in 2011.  As recently as only last year, silver bottomed out under $12, and saw an annual high of almost $30.  Needless to say, while long term silver is a steady store of value, in the shorter term, it can be quite volatile, as both industrial demand, and supply vary.

The Bottom Line for Precious Metals

If you would like to get your hands on an American Silver Eagle Dollar, then now is the perfect time for you to do so. The newest coins may not yet be  available, but even so, most authorized purchasers have some remaining stock of the 2021 edition. Therefore, there is nothing that can hold you back from becoming the proud owner of an American Silver Eagle coin. From our perspective, that is an opportunity worth a little excitement.

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