What Is Stock Trading Software?

Stock trading software allows you to access and analyze data and make trades based on your analysis. It can help you choose rising stocks for short-term trades and stocks that are more likely to produce a sustained income for long-term investments. Many types of stock trading software work with a smartphone or computer, and they’re easy and convenient to use. With most programs, you’ll still need an online brokerage account or a relationship with a professional broker to make transactions. Here’s some more information about what stock trading software does and some of the most popular options.

Scanning the Market

With many types of stock trading software, you can enter a variety of search criteria to find the perfect stock pick for your needs. You can also save your search criteria to keep checking on certain stocks. You’ll get an alert when the software finds a good candidate so you won’t have to spend as much time researching stocks on your own.

Providing Convenient Summaries

You can also get easily understandable information about recent changes in the stocks from particular industries like real estate, banking, and technology. Many programs will present the data in charts and graphs for easy analysis, and you can compare recent data with previous time periods. In addition to stock prices, you can learn about a company’s net worth, quarterly reports, sales volume, numbers of customers, and other characteristics. You also get access to research from third parties about many organizations.

Trading Automatically

Experienced investors can program some stock trading software to buy and sell automatically based on certain criteria. That way, the computer program can act at the perfect time to maximize your profit. It also lets you make more transactions than you would be able to handle on your own. If you’re new to stock trading, you can try a simulator that lets you navigate the market without risking real money. After you get some practice, you can invest your cash with confidence.

Stock Trading Software Options


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Here are three of the top stock trading software options: 

  • MetaStock: With MetaStock, you’ll get integrated news and more than 300 technical indicators. You can filter data about equities, commodities, derivatives, or futures, and there’s a daily version and a version with real-time updates. There’s also an extensive training and help section that serves as a learning guide. 
  • TD Ameritrade: TD Ameritrade offers a variety of tools and services, including third-party research, real-time quotes, news streaming through Yahoo! Finance, planning tools, and social sentiment analysis. 
  • ProfitSource: If you’re interested in making short-term trades, consider ProfitSource. It comes with detailed technical indicators and a testing feature to help you make sure your strategies work before taking risks. Like MetaStock, you can use it with a variety of assets.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into stock trading, consider getting started with stock trading software. Many of these programs offer plenty of tools and features to help you learn more about markets and different types of trades. 

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