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Accidents at Work: When You Should Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re involved in an occupational accident, you are likely to have a lot of concerns. One of the most important considerations is whether you’ll need a lawyer, or you’ll pursue the complaint by yourself.

As not all cases need an attorney, but there are certain situations that require the advanced expertise of a lawyer. Your insurance agency would most likely have a network of attorneys working together.

There are specific ways to determine if your case requires an attorney or not. No two workplace accidents are the same, and their circumstances are often distinct to the victim. Read on to understand further on when to talk to a  personal injury lawyer.

  1. When you Sustained a Severe Injury or Irreversible Disability

If your condition requires hospitalization, chiropractic care, etc., then you need an accident lawyer—especially if you experience pains for prolonged days or worse , be permanently disabled. In this time of despair and misery, your lawyer can assist your case. Additionally, as accidents require extensive medical costs, the value for your claims may increase if you have reliable legal help.

  • The Case Involves Multiple Parties

If the accident involves several people, your best bet with all the medication bills,  is to hire a personal injury attorney.  These lawyers have the expertise to work with insurance firms that help in developing a case beneficial for  clients. Moreover, your lawyer will ensure you get the right claims without wasting any extra money.

  • Your Boss Does Not Provide Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Although most companies provide their staff with compensation benefits, some of them don’t. It’s a terrible thing to go through an accident at work and find out that you are not covered with any health insurance. 

Contacting a workplace injury lawyer is essential in this situation. For what?

The answer is simple. There are a couple of paths you may follow if your boss doesn’t provide workers’ compensation benefits. Both of which need a lawyer.

First, you can charge your company on account of failure to provide the benefits. It could be the only chance for you to be compensated for your injury. But, then again, you must have a lawyer in litigation to defend you. Second, whether neglect is a factor, or an external agent is liable for the incident, you may submit a claim for personal injuries. A lawyer must work to win reimbursement for hospital costs, missed wages, and any accident traumas.

Hence, if your company doesn’t offer worker’ compensation benefits, you need to start talking to a professional lawyer about workplace injuries promptly.

  • The Insurance Company Denied or Delayed Your Claim

Insurance providers know that the majority of their customers are not well-versed with the complex laws and procedures of lawsuits for personal injuries. So, they use their influence and control to refuse a valid claim. They do so because they assume that you will not question their decision.

Furthermore, insurance firms delay their payments to pressure the victim into compliance. They know that money is scarce, and bills come in. They leverage the opportunity to give a percentage of the total claim.  In any of these cases, you need to seek help from a personal injury lawyer.

  • When You’re not Comfortable with the Legal Procedures

If you decide to deal with your lawsuit, you need a clear understanding of the legalities of both the litigation and the settlement procedures.

For starters, whether your accident is caused by a faulty product or somebody’s negligence, you are to find facts you need to support your point. This includes the re-creation of the accident, interviews with witnesses, etc. Also, you need to interpret your personal medical information so that you can assess your claim accordingly.

If you don’t feel at ease doing all this stuff, it’s a good enough condition to discuss the matter with a personal injury lawyer.

  • You are Terminated from Work after an Accident

It’s a hard pill to swallow, the instant you are dismissed, your boss can put a stop to all your insurance packages. So, you’ll need a lawyer to help make sure these benefits stay protected.

After your termination, some considerations will come into play about the compensation benefits. This may involve the date of the accident, the nature of your injury, and your application for insurance.  If you are withheld any insurance, you need an expert to review any of these facts and expose frauds. Employers may even seek measures if the benefits are ended after your termination. Legal support is also encouraged if you suspect you are wrongly terminated. Any wrongful discharge after an accident is considered employer retaliation. If your attorney believes there has been retaliation, you’ll be advised to pursue court proceedings and claim the benefits you are entitled to.


It’s critical to hire a personal injury lawyer should you have sustained damage with a workplace accident. Unfortunately, several people sought to contend with their petition and fail for several reasons.

Bear in mind that even if you want to negotiate with your claim for injuries, the insurance company would only pay you the least sum of money. They do so after knowing that no lawyer is present to back you up. Don’t let the same thing happen to you.

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