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Diego Ruiz Duran: How Passion Drives Us to Make a Difference

Everyone has a passion in life. Whether it is to become a world famous baseball player, to help end climate change, or to one day take over a family business, we all have that fire in us that calls for action. It is a feeling we manifest into the universe to one day come true, or at least make an impact. For Mexican lawyer Diego Ruiz Duran, his passion lies with helping the people of his country, and making his country a better place to live.

Duran graduated from the Escuela Libre de Derecho, he began his professional career in law in 2007 with José Luis Nassar, and was able to show off his talents. When asked about his experience, he said, “ In 2001 Graduate Nassar offered me a place to collaborate in his office, we shared many matters of national significance from which I learned a lot. After a while I was presented with the opportunity to study for a master’s degree in Oxford in Criminal Justice. On my return, Graduate Nassar suggested opening my office, and told me that there were several clients I could contribute to start my own firm.” He did in fact open his own firm in 2012 and named it Ruiz Durán Law Firm.

Once reaching that milestone, Diego Ruiz Duran dedicated his years of education to help better the justice system in Mexico. When asked about the current system, he stated, “Mexico is complex when it comes to the delivery of justice, we do not want to be ignorant with the fact that in no country justice is blind, but I do want to be clear that sometimes as you see they deal, and this happens in many places. In addition to this, the courts are well-off by political participations, the prosecutor’s office’s interference in some matters is terrible, it is taken personally, dialogue is not privileged, and it is the system itself that encourages corruption.” He wants to be remembered as a lawyer who fought until the end for his clients and challenged whoever he had to to make things right. 

Through the many issues he has had to deal with over the years, one particular issue he is very passionate about is the subject of gender equality and the horrors of domestic violence in the country. He has fought for the courts to thoroughly evaluate cases of domestic abuse, and believes that women should live a life free of violence. The problem, unfortunately, is steadily increasing, mostly due to the coronavirus pandemic. Women are stuck at home in abusive relationships and Duran is imploring for the Mexican government to take the problem more seriously. He stated, “Although there is the General Law on Equality between Women and Men, the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free from Violence and the General Victims Act, the progress that has been made in eradicating femicides could improve if a stronger legal framework were implemented.” Duran remains determined to face the issue head on and get it resolved completely, because he has such a desire to keep women in the country of Mexico safe. 

Passion is what drives people to believe they have a purpose in life. No matter the subject matter, if the passion lies deep within, it can cause people to turn those feelings into action and may result in making a huge difference. Diego Ruiz Duran is one example of the millions of people out there who fight to make the world a better place. It only takes one person to speak out to cause a title wave of supporters to help bring the cause to life, and will hopefully bring positive change.

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