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How Individuals are treated as a subject of International Law

The evolution of mankind from cave to computer was accompanied by the formulation of certain rules which achieved the status of law. Initially some customs were developed between countries, and soon they forged into International Law. For centuries, it was believed that only states are the subjects of International law as there were two groups of jurist, namely positive school of thought and historical school of thought. But, with the evolution of law (particularly in 19th and 20th century) individuals gained importance and became active subjects of International law. That’s where Cummings Law comes into play.

Defining International Law

The modern definition of international law revolves around the definition of Professor Robert Jennings in his book, “9th edition of Oppenheim’s international law”, which states: “International law is a body of rules and norms derived particularly from customs and treaties and are considered bindings on states, individuals, and other subjects of international law.”

How may Cummings Law Help?

Now a day, individuals actively come across such law suits which deal with the domain of international law along with state law. Therefore, it is extremely important to pursue your case according to jurisdictions of both laws, and for that, you need a competent lawyer like Cummings Law.

There is a particular case involving individuals which came under the jurisdiction of international law in 20th century. “Ex Parte Petroff” is known as the harmful effects of individuals who threw harmful materials on a Soviet ambassador. The two individuals were prosecuted under the domain of international law and were awarded punishment for their crimes. In fighting such legal battles, individuals often fall prey to propaganda and misguidance because it involves such intrinsic legal technicalities that cannot be handled by any simple lawyer but an expert one like Cummings Law having wide expertise in this field.

The other accounts of individuals being treated as subjects of international law are pirates, smugglers, war criminals (the general enemies of mankind), and others. There are some laws widely regarded as “Jus Cogens” and are equally present is state laws as well. A particular case involving “reparations of injury suffered by individuals in the service of United Nations 1949“ (a field of expertise of Cummings Law) set the basis for individuals to pursue claims of injuries. A person who died/injured in the service of the United Nations in any country can claim reparations (or in case of his death, his heir can claim it).

Thus, international law is fully grown, and individuals are actively included in the legal domain of law. Including individuals have not only personified the status of international law but also widened its scope and jurisdiction. As stated by Professor Hall, “law must be stable but it cannot stand still”. Therefore, it is essential to know the legal implications and full knowledge of the scope of both state law and international law. Cummings Law, in this regard, has great experience and legal expertise to deal with the requisite response to represent its clients actively and efficiently.