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How to Choose a Lawyer

The legal world is notoriously full of predators, manipulation, and trickery.Whether or not you’re currently facing any litigation issues, you should be thinking about arming yourself with a qualified and competent lawyer. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re in the midst of the selection process. Nonetheless, it largely depends on your needs and the type of case in which you are involved.

The Case

Are you a doctor being sued for malpractice? Are you a college student taking someone to court for assaulting you? Perhaps you’re in the process of getting a divorce, or fighting for custody of your kids. Or maybe you have been accused for making illegal content? In some cases you will need a fraud lawyer Toronto or maybe a family lawyer. But in many cases you could approach all these issues with the same lawyer.Did you know, however, that each of them can best be tackled by professionals who have specialized in a different subfield of law? People who have issues like the college student would benefit from hiring assault lawyers.They would know more about the ins and outs of what your court case will entail and thus be better equipped to help you. Then there are divorce attorneys, criminal attorneys, personal injury attorneys, and so many more others than you can count.

The Selection Process

Now, a lot of people don’t know (or think to do this), but you can essentially interview lawyers. You can do so until you find one that suits your needs and with whom you feel comfortable. Don’t go by the advertisements you see on TV, or randomly pick one out from the phone book. First ask for recommendations from friends and family who have had some experience, or check out some criminal law firms. Whatever your source is, most attorneys offer a free initial consultation. You can use this as a form of interview, finding out about what their strengths are and if they are best suited to your case. If they can boast of some notable win on a similar case, it would help. You can also get good results by making very specific searches on search engines for attorneys. For example, if you want a criminal lawyer in Toronto, there are databases all over the internet that you’d just need to type in that very phrase and you can get a list of names and contact details. Whether you are in Toronto or Montreal, there are plenty of options available.


Be sure to check on the payment options. There are public defenders, of course. if you’re going for a private one, however, you’ll need to know if you have to pay by the hour or by percentage. Depending on the case, if you win, you could have all legal fees settled for you. Or, if you’ve agreed upon a particular percentage, whatever amount you might win from the legal matter, you will owe that percentage to your lawyer. Be warned though that the odds are not likely to be stacked in your favor if you find your prospective lawyer asking for an hourly fee. This is because if that’s not their standard procedure, it could mean that they don’t think you have a strong case.

It always helps if you know the legal system well.If you don’t, you are at risk for manipulation, as it wouldn’t be hard to take advantage of someone who doesn’t know much. Most of all, it pays to know about the litigation process, the kind of case you’re involved in, and the best lawyers for your needs.