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How to Run a Personal Injury Law Firm From Home During a Pandemic

Now more than ever, law firms need to seriously consider establishing remote work arrangements that are sustainable in the long run. Of course, this has proven easier said than done.

The American Bar Association reported in March 2020 that 42% of law firms were not using the cloud. In other words, they had yet to start utilizing the technologies that were vital to effective remote operations.

This makes up a considerable portion of the 59,494 businesses that form part of the personal injury (PI) lawyer industry in the United States.

How do you stay in touch with clients and manage employees from home? How do you uphold your policies and keep sensitive documents secure? How do you maintain an efficient workflow and stay on top of tasks?

These are some of the challenges that come with running a PI law firm from home during the pandemic. Fortunately, solutions abound, thanks to the range of technologies that can help you run your business productively and adhere to your professional responsibilities as an attorney. Read on to learn more.

Choose What Works

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. In fact, the best approach is to identify the tools that are common among law firms like yours. Look for those that are widely used and easy to learn. Here are some suggestions for collaboration:

  • Skype or Zoom are reliable for video calling between clients and staff
  • Microsoft Teams or Slack can be used to exchange files and updates
  • Dropbox and Google Drive serve as accessible document storage facilities

According to Kent McGuire, a personal injury lawyer who practices in Oklahoma City, perhaps the most essential component of your digital suite is the practice management software you use to provide the foundation of your remote operations.

There are many options here, including Actionstep, App4Legal, and Moxtra. These programs assist in areas such as:

  • Calendar management
  • Case management
  • Client relations
  • Time tracking

Use the Cloud

Software that’s based on cloud technology helps you run your PI firm remotely in a secure and streamlined manner.

DocuSign and RightSignature, for instance, facilitate fast and simple digital signing of documents. The afore-mentioned cloud storage services are ideal for sharing evidence with staff, while cloud-based billing tools integrate well with time-tracking tools and preferred payment methods.

Keep Networking

You may be wondering how you can continue networking for new business in the absence of traditional conferences and community events.

Start with your website. Will your clients find it in search engines? Posting regular quality content and optimizing the design and performance of your site is key. Don’t forget about your social media profiles.

Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can be used to grow your presence on key platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Maximize Mobility

Have you considered where your initial consultations will take place? What about those that follow? Will your meetings occur exclusively online? Take some time to determine how you can effectively deliver your legal services while following social distancing practices.

Having the right technologies goes a long way in helping you run your PI law firm from home. Stay open to new ideas and solutions as you move forward.