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Is it Time to Fire Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

It may seem like the world is crashing down on you after a car accident, which is why you hired a lawyer, but now you feel that was a mistake. Somewhere, deep down, you know this lawyer is not working out, but you aren’t sure if you can fire this attorney. The following will help you figure out what to do as quickly as possible.

firing a personal injury lawyer

Can You Let Your Lawyer go?

Firing a lawyer is not too hard, especially if there is no offer on the table. Perhaps you’ve noticed that this lawyer does not meet with you even after weeks of calling, which is not the kind of relationship you signed up for. There are a few reasons some hesitate to fire a lawyer; for one, some simply find it embarrassing to fire a lawyer. Remember that this is your life, so do not be afraid do what you need to do.

Others are scared that they will have to pay something. You should not have to deal with this, especially if you hire another lawyer who will be responsible for paying off the first attorney’s lien. Be sure that you talk to the other attorney you are considering about this transaction so that you are comfortable with the switch.

Do not be afraid to ask your new lawyer what the process entails should you have additional questions. A good lawyer will be happy to enlighten you regarding this unfortunate situation.

Good Reasons to Fire a Lawyer

There are a million and one reasons to fire a lawyer. The lawyer is like your employee, and it is okay to let him or her go if this is needed. Still, sometimes, it helps to know a few red flags that will reveal you need a new lawyer like the following:

  • Your lawyer has not presented a clear plan
  • The lawyer fails to communicate or only sends associates to talk to you
  • No one has explained the value of the case or discussed discoveries

You can try to bring some of these issues up to see if this lawyer improves his or her behavior towards you, or just talk to another lawyer. Personal injury attorney Howard Ankin believes law offices need to provide “clients with personalized client attention” to ensure that you understand the proceedings. If this is not happening, then move on.

Can You Fire an Attorney After the Offer?

The contract you signed with your lawyer cannot be broken once an offer has been set on the table. The lawyer is entitled to his or her fee at this point and your choices are limited. Of course, this does not mean it is impossible, especially if you believe that the lawyer simply did not get you the money you deserve. Talk to a few experienced lawyers to see if a better case can be built so that you can continue your fight with a second lawyer.

How do you Fire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The best way to fire a lawyer is to simply send them a fax or an email. Be courteous in your letter, and state that his or her services will no longer be needed. You should also make sure that you point out the reasons why his or her services were terminated. It is important that you give this lawyer an opportunity to compile your case so that you can pick it up.

Give the lawyer a few weeks to get the file ready, or ask him or her to call you when the information is ready. Be sure to call the office, and talk to someone to ensure that the letter was received. In addition, find out if there are other steps to take to get your paperwork ready. It is important that you call your insurance company before or after making this decision because some lawyers can actually settle a case without your permission just to get paid.

Hopefully, this guide makes it easier for you to know what steps to take now that you are unhappy with your attorney. It may be a bit of a hassle, but a good lawyer should make this easier for you and make it worthwhile.