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National Legal Staffing Support Reviews a Paralegal’s Role in a Law Firm

The role of a paralegal is one of the most important and versatile jobs in the legal profession. To provide further insight into this critical role, National Legal Staffing Support (NLSS), a leader in legal process outsourcing (LPO), describes some of the tasks and responsibilities provided by their paralegal services.

A paralegal should hold a college degree in paralegal studies or a similar field. They must have excellent communication and organizational skills along with strong research and report writing abilities. Experience in using common legal databases is a plus. They may be asked to carry out a variety of tasks, some of which require paralegal training.

As long as a lawyer maintains responsibility for their work, paralegals may perform any task usually performed by a lawyer, except those prohibited by the following:

A paralegal is an attorney’s right-hand person. Lawyers and paralegals often work as a team to carry out many of the legal profession’s processes and tasks. Below are some examples of the type of work paralegals perform.

General correspondence — In the legal field, all correspondence must be carefully crafted to comply with legal requirements. An experienced paralegal, either outsourced or in-house, is trained to prepare written communications made on behalf of an attorney regarding a legal case.

Pre-litigation — Before a lawsuit is filed, there are often a host of activities that need to be addressed. These include providing notification to the various parties involved, investigating to gather facts to support the client’s case, and settlement negotiations to avoid going to trial.

Pleadings — Certain formal documents must be filed with the court. These pleadings can include complaints, answers, replies, and counterclaims.

Interrogatories — As part of putting a case together, a paralegal may be involved in the preparation of interrogatories. This list of questions is filed with the court to gather information from the opposing party.

Briefs — These written legal arguments are used to state the suit’s legal reasons based on statutes, regulations, case precedents, legal texts, and reasoning applied to facts in the particular situation.

Due diligence — Due diligence investigation can include reviewing documents or interviewing interested parties. It can consist of verifying the valuation of assets and liabilities or gathering any information needed to ensure the firm fully understands the legal situation.

Pretrial preparation — Depending on the type of case involved, pretrial preparation can include reviewing police reports, talking with witnesses, and filing various motions, including discovery, continuance, or suppressing evidence.

It isn’t easy to overstate the value of an experienced paralegal. NLSS provides its clients with world-class paralegal services enabling our clients to focus on those responsibilities that only an attorney can fulfill. As legal workloads increase and law firms look for strategies to save overhead costs, legal process outsourcing, especially paralegal services, is becoming increasingly popular.

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