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Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential Personal Injury Lawyers

Accidents happen all the time and are always unexpected. You are here, at this moment, in need of help to make sure that the people responsible for your troubles pays. The key is finding a good personal injury lawyer and to do that you have to interview them. The following are some questions you need to ask.

interviewing a personal injury lawyer

How Will the Fees be Handled?

You want to consider how much all of this is going to cost you. Usually, personal injury lawyers use the contingency fee plan, which means you won’t pay a dime when you hire them. The lawyer is going to be taking their payment when the case is over and done with, which is the part you want to pay attention to. Some will charge a 25 percent fee while others could go up as high as 40 percent.

What Happens After a Loss?

The next thing you want to ask is what is going to happen with court-related costs should you lose. Ask if your personal injury lawyer is going to charge case-related costs to you as the case moves on. This out-of-pocket cost varies from lawyer to lawyer, so make sure you find out what these might be before you sign your case over. Do not be afraid to interview a few lawyers so that you can compare.

What is Your Experience in This Specific Field?

The next thing you want to find out is if the personal injury lawyer you are considering has handled similar cases. You want to make sure that your lawyer has not only handled similar cases but has also had positive outcomes. The lawyers at say that “you need an aggressive personal injury lawyer who offers in-depth knowledge of cases like yours, personal and professional dedication, and a hands-on approach to ensure that you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours.” Be sure to ask to see a lawyer’s case history to make sure you are making the right choice.

Do They Have the Time to Devote to your Case?

Attorneys make money off of clients but also off of each case, which is a bit of a gamble because a case can go either way. This reality forces a lot of lawyers to take on more than they can handle. You do not want your case to be dealt with by an attorney who has his or her plate full. The time necessary to make a strong case for you may not be afforded to you, which jeopardizes your chances of coming out on top. Make sure that the personal injury attorney you are consider has the time and won’t pass your case off to a paralegal instead of working that case him or herself.

What Other Details do you Have for my Case?

It is important that you ask a few questions about your case; for example, ask about the success rate of your type of case. You may also want to find out if your lawyer expects this issue to go to trial or to settle long before that. You may want to find out if this lawyer has tried cases in front of a real jury and if he or she has won any of those cases. It may also be a good idea to find out if your case is worth the effort. Your lawyer cannot make promises but can evaluate the case, which could give you a better understanding of the possibilities.

What is my Role in This Case?

It is important that you understand your role in this case. Some lawyers do not allow their clients to attend depositions or other meetings relating to their case. Those who want to overlook the work being done and want to have an active role in the case may want to ask these questions. Make sure that you find out if there is anything that you can do or any material that you can read that could make it easier for you to understand what takes place in these depositions.

These are just some of the questions you should ask when interviewing a potential lawyer. Make sure you interview a number of them before making a decision because it will matter.