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Rahul Balaram Reveals: What Your Local Attorney Knows That Other Lawyers Don’t

Many people assume that the only reason they might ever need a lawyer is because they may find themselves facing charges, but that isn’t always the case. There are many needs for lawyers, from estate planning and wills to family cases. However, many assume that lawyers from commercials, or lawyers from out of town, are more qualified to handle their cases, especially if it’s a bigger case. Rahul Balaram believes, that local lawyers typically are far more qualified to handle a local case.

There are many important reasons why one should choose a local lawyer. Understanding those reasons can help guide someone in need of legal assistance towards a more informed decision.

They Know the Local Courts

Quite simply, they could be acquainted with everyone involved with the case. They might know the judge, the prosecutor, and the rest of the legal team that will be in the courtroom, and they know how each member’s expectations.

For example, some judges expect a legal memo to be written in a certain way and might be stricter than other judges. A local lawyer would know that because they have court cases with them all the time.

Lawyers outside the local realm may claim to be able to handle cases across multiple counties, but they lack that personal touch. In fact, they may even consult the local lawyers a person may have overlooked in order to get insider knowledge.

Reduced Costs

Hiring an attorney out of town means there will be added and unexpected costs to a case. From hotel costs to gas money for the commute to other typical travel costs – everything adds up and only exaggerates the already expensive fees of a lawyer.

By working with a lawyer in town, it significantly reduces any extra, unnecessary costs.

Flashy Ads Aren’t Everything

A great ad may grab a person’s attention, but they aren’t a reliable source for a reference for a lawyer, especially if they don’t have a local reputation because they are out of town.

Professional-looking billboards and commercials may represent them well, but a quick internet search may show that they provide sub-par work. When a person needs a lawyer, they need someone they can rely on for quality work.

Other lawyers may be heavily advertising to other areas because they do not have a point of reference. A local lawyer doesn’t necessarily need to have a great marketing campaign—their local reputation will do the talking for them.

Therefore, instead of choosing a lawyer based on an advertisement, choose someone based on recommendations of previous clients.

They’re Easy to Reach

When a person is dealing with time-sensitive issues, being able to meet with them in a timely manner is everything. Hiring a lawyer whose office is out of town makes that difficult, if not impossible.

Having a lawyer nearby makes it easier for impromptu or urgent meetings to happen.

About Rahul Balaram:

Rahul Balaram is an experienced and dedicated attorney that has represented hundreds of clients. Mr. Balaram takes pride in ensuring his clients are aware of every aspect of their case and that their interests are presented with dignity, compassion, and competence.Rahul opened the Balaram Law Office in Santa Rosa and is widely known for his excellent trial skills, his unrelenting work on behalf of his clients, and the outstanding results that his clients receive.