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Reasons Why an Immigration Lawyer Should Be Retained

Getting an immigration lawyer is a very important thing for immigrants moving to the United States to consider. As an immigrant, you are bound to face a lot of challenges when you want to take some immigration steps in the country.

Getting an immigration lawyer is not only to let him do the things you feel you cannot do on your own but for him or her to be in charge of your immigration applications, interviews and other activities related to immigration.

Immigration lawyers give good immigration advice because they are experts in the field. This makes it very important to consider their advice before taking any step.

Against what most people think, immigration lawyers are not meant to be hired by immigrants that are already in the country alone.

They should be hired by immigrants who are still in their home countries and are about to move to the United States so that the best advice will be gotten from the lawyers.

Not all immigration lawyers are experts, some immigration lawyers are not up to the task, and you should be aware of these set of individuals. To know a good lawyer from the bad ones is not difficult if one understands the work of an immigration lawyer.

Below are some characteristics of good immigration lawyers.

Being upright

A good immigration lawyer should be upright and should be able to defend his or her client without being bias


A good immigration lawyer should always tell the truth to his or her client, he or she should not hide anything from the client even when the truth is bitter. When your immigration lawyer is honest, you will be able to trust him or her.

If you’re planning to visit the United States, it is important that you check ESTA online to know if your country is among the visa waiver program countries. Also, check the duration and validity of an ESTA before applying.


A good immigration lawyer should be very punctual, punctuality is the soul of a business; thus, it is very important that a lawyer should be punctual.  When going for cases or appointments, it is good for both the client and the lawyer to be at the court on time.

The worst scenario is when you’re at the venue on time, and your lawyer fails to show up on time. That is the reason why it is important to have a punctual immigration lawyer.


A good immigration lawyer should be transparent in all of his or her dealings. Hiding things from a client is one of the worst things a lawyer could do.

Characteristics of a good immigration lawyer are not the only things that immigrants should know, immigrants should also know the reasons why they should retain a good immigration lawyer. These reasons may include:

Visa application

Retaining a good immigration lawyer is very important when applying for a visa, whether it is an application for renewal of a visa or application for a new visa.

When you apply for a visa on your own without the help of a good immigration lawyer, there is a high probability that you will make wrong decisions thereby missing the opportunity of immigrating to the United States.

An immigration lawyer will tell you when to apply, the types of documents you need, actions you need to take, actions you should not take and what to say at any point in time.

Immigration case

As an immigrant in the United States, there are possibilities of getting arrested for immigration issues. Having a good immigration lawyer at that point is very important if you what to be free.

There are two stages at which one can be detained when it gets to immigration issues. The first stage is when police officers question you at the police station, and you later get released either with or without the help of your immigration lawyer.

The second stage is when you get transferred to immigration officers for questioning. This stage is the most delicate because any information you wrongly give will count in deciding how your case will be argued in court.

If you already have a good immigration lawyer at this stage, all you have to do is to request for your immigration lawyer which you will be allowed to get in touch with.

The immigration lawyer will speak for you both at the questioning and in court if necessary that you get charged. The immigration lawyer will also do the necessary things to make sure that you get out of the problem.

Application for permanent residence

When applying for permanent residence, it is very important to do that with the help of a good immigration lawyer. Because doing it alone may be very bad since the full knowledge of immigration is needed to be able to apply for such.