Most Car Accidents Are Preventable: Here's How You Can Do Your Part
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Rising Car Accidents In U.S.—How Atty. Anthony Van Johnson Can Help

The situation on the U.S. roads is worrying if statistics are anything to go by. According to a survey conducted in 2019, an estimated 264 million vehicles play the U.S roads, a reason the U.S. ranks as one of the busiest countries considering the amount of road traffic.

This huge number of vehicles registered on the system and using the roads accounts for the rising cases of car accidents.

Approximately 6.3 million fatalities on the U.S roads and the figure is likely to soar in the coming years, analysts project.

Furthermore, automobile accidents are the leading causes of death in the U.S. while tens of thousands sustain serious injuries annually. Of these injuries, 2.5 million cases suffer lifelong or permanent injuries that cost them a quality life.

While these numbers are worrisome, experts say the figures could even be higher despite that the authorities are taking all possible precautions to minimize the cases.

What’s more, more than 220 million licensed drivers risk their lives whenever they board a vehicle either as passengers or drivers.

Is Having Insurance Enough to Protect Me?

While purchasing a proper insurance coverage can help cushion against the heavy medical costs, many of the car accident injuries do not end up being compensated.

Of course, every insurance company retains a team of competent accident lawyers and insurance adjusters who are always committed to ensuring minimal expenses in terms of compensation.

This means going it alone will only jeopardize your chances of getting the right compensation or cause you to lose the whole compensation.

Considering the data on auto-related accidents in the U.S., it is clear that every person who unfortunately gets involved in a car accident needs to hire a competent personal injury lawyer immediately following an accident to dramatically increase his or her chances of receiving a rightful compensation.

In 2010 alone, traffic accidents in the U.S cost whopping $900 billion in property damage, and that the current figure might surpass a trillion dollars, a study by the National Highway Traffic administration noted. 

You can avoid being counted in this statistic by enlisting the services of a highly skilled accident lawyer to help you navigate the complex procedure of claiming damages due to injuries. Attorney Anthony Van Johnson in Atlanta is a great choice, and here’s why.

How Attorney Anthony Van Johnson in Atlanta Can Help

A Competent lawyer is well trained on auto accident cases and he or she will walk you through all the steps involved in obtaining the most appropriate compensation.

In addition, a correct lawyer will assess your situation against the existing car accident law that applies to your state and advise you accordingly.

Many people think that they automatically qualify for compensation since the motorists carry a cover that protects them.

Similarly, some people choose to represent themselves in car accident lawsuits and the results have been obvious—they have failed terribly to secure fair compensation.

For a few who succeed, they often leave a lot of money on the table either because they were ambushed by the insurance company or simply because they thought they got the best offer.

As the old adage goes, “he who goes at it alone in legal matters has a fool for a client.” It is not advisable to handle accident claims alone.

It’s always advisable to research the right attorney that has invested as heavily as the insurance companies in terms of the best legal minds capable of matching or outperforming the insurance companies.

Don’t work with firms that promise heaven when they are ideally settlement mills only concerned about quick money to meet their monthly bills.

A trained legal expert often brings on the table the best negotiation skills needed to secure the best compensation from an insurance carrier.

A lawyer does so with a background of the kind of medical bills and multiple other expenses you are likely to incur during and after treatment.

By hiring a reputable accident lawyer, you are able to let him or her take over the legal aspect of your case while you are left to focus on treatments and the healing process.

Are you or a loved wondering where to turn to for help to fight for your rights and obtain your rightful compensation? Are you overwhelmed by the medical bills and worried about your lost incomes, pain, and anguish following a tragic accident?

Look no further, as Attorney Anthony Van Johnson in Atlanta has a team of highly experienced legal minds who have the interest of the client t heart and who can ensure your rights are protected from start to the end.

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