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Why Body Language is Important in a Courtroom

Going to court can be intimidating and scary due to the unexpected results that may occur. Diego Ruiz Duran is a top attorney located in Mexico City, Mexico. After attending law school, he created a law firm to assist individuals in criminal and constitutional matters. The firm also helps people who have been victims of a crime, provides close and are reliable, and provides a confidential service to their clients.

When it comes to representing clients in court, a fire is lit beneath him to perform much harder to insist on change and justice where it is needed. Further, the less emotionally attached you are to the case, the better the results will be. It’s important to remain confident and collected when presenting yourself in court. Never get out of hand or do something that would jeopardize your career or the outcome of your client’s case. This is why he thinks body language is important in the courtroom as it helps all involved understand several messages such as thought, emotion, and intentions. Since body language is universal, it can be easy to interpret what the other person is thinking based on their particular body language. Even individuals who do not have an education are always exposed to body language and can understand the meanings behind it.

There are many body languages in which you can control when in court such as always staying in character, even if you are not speaking. Diego Ruiz Duran believes this is extremely important as the jury is watching your every move from the moment you walk in. They may draw conclusions about you based on how you look and act in the courtroom. Practicing your expressions in front of a mirror is important because sometimes we may put out an expression that others take indifferently. By practicing, you will have a better understanding of how you look and whether or not others in the courtroom are going to trust you. Never ever let the audience see you sweat, even if you have received bad news or it seems as though you are losing the case. Showing expression during this time means you are ill-prepared such as rocking back in your chair, the jury may feel your case has been undermined. Whereas if you have unexpected testimony, just smile. This shows you are prepared and everything is going as expected.

Have you ever heard your mother say the term “Kill them with kindness”? Well, this is the perfect time to take mom’s advice and put it into action. Being kind to everyone at the court makes your case more likely to win whereas if you are nasty or not honest, the jury and the rest of the court will discredit everything you say. Be extra nice to the jury and I mean extra nice. If a juror sneezes, say “God bless you” if they are coughing as the judge for a quick break or if the juror can have a cup of water. Simple acts of kindness such as this will go a long way and guarantee a favorable outcome.