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Why Law Is One Of The Most Popular Subjects To Study

Even if they don’t intend to become a practicing attorney, the study of law is an extremely practical subject to study for students. As the fictional Law Professor Kingsfield, played by John Houseman in the film, the paper chase said, ” You come in here with a skull full of mush… and you leave thinking like a lawyer.” What does thinking as a lawyer mean? It means, among other things, being able to analyze a situation from all sides and being able to be precise with language in describing a situation or a problem. Because the study of justice touches every person’s lives whether a person ends up as a litigator or working for a major firm, the ability to analyze situations and then describe them in precise language, no matter how complicated they may be is an extremely valuable skill, according to Diego Ruiz Durán. The ability to analyze complex issues and then write a summary in language that others can understand is such a valuable skill that those who study justice make themselves practically bulletproof in the economy, regardless of whether the economy itself is good or bad. Another reason that those who study jurisprudence are considered so valuable is meeting government affairs on its own terms. Virtually every legal body, whether it be a city, county, state, or the Federal government is constantly making new laws and having to change laws as they continually need to be rewritten. Let’s take, for example, local building codes. Local building codes give the local municipality or county, the tremendous power of government affairs to regulate how a home can be built, what kind of insulation may be required, how fire retardant the roof may be, and how wind resistant the home may need to be in the event of a hurricane. As much as 10 percent of the cost of a house or more, maybe due to the cost of local building regulations. But then the state may step in and add a new wrinkle which requires the need to completely rewrite the building codes. Such an example happened in California when the State Legislature passed several laws significantly reducing the ability of cities and counties to discourage the building of Granny Flats or Accessory Dwelling Units. The new state laws essentially mean that hundreds of cities must go back to the drawing board and rewrite their building codes. And the recent state decision by Oregon to decriminalize almost all drugs in the state will require completely rewriting the state criminal codes. Meanwhile, both States such as California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico are required to continuously rewrite their legal codes as the Federal government loosens and then tightens their laws regarding Mexico. And international affairs such as trade agreements continually need attorneys familiar with international affairs at all levels, to ensure trade flows freely but at the same time legally. The bottom line is that those with legal education, whether they actually take or pass the bar or not, will be in demand for many years to come and they have the right skills that business and governments need says Diego Ruiz Durán.

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