3 Reasons Why Concrete Is the Best Material for Your Residential Project

Concrete is the most widely used substance in the world. Gigatons of the substance are consumed every year. At home, it’s popular for construction and renovation projects. Here are three reasons its popular with homeowners:  

#1 It’s Cost-Effective

While there are several materials available to homeowners for construction, concrete is one of the most affordable ones. Its components include aggregate, water, and cement. They are readily available and inexpensive to buy. 

Unlike other construction materials, concrete doesn’t require a significant amount of energy to work with and can be easily shaped. It can be used in pipes, drains, floors, driveways, patios, steps, walls, swimming pools and more. Moreover, it has a low maintenance cost. For example, a concrete driveway will need less yearly upkeep than a driveway made of asphalt. 

#2 It’s Durable

Concrete’s durability makes it popular for construction. Many structures made of concrete are still standing after thousands of years. Because of its endurance, concrete is used in sidewalks, roads, buildings, bridges, and dams. 

Like any material, concrete requires maintenance. For example, a concrete driveway should be scrubbed and cleaned regularly to increase its lifespan. And sealant should be applied annually to protect it from the environment. More serious problems, such as cracks and holes should be repaired by a professional concrete contractor. 

When a concrete structure is at the end of its lifespan, the material’s strength and endurance can prove to be a double-edged sword. For example, if your concrete floor, wall, driveway, or patio is on its last legs, then you’ll find the material too stubborn to remove on your own.

If you attempt to cut concrete yourself, you may cause structural damage or get hurt. Harmful byproducts from concrete cutting include crystalline silica – a microscopic dust that’s bad for your health. You will need protective gear to shield your skin and eyes, and a wet vacuum to remove some of the harmful substances. 

Instead of doing it yourself, it’s recommended that you call a professional contractor with decades of experience and an excellent reputation to cut or repair concrete. You can get more information on how a professional outfit can do the job more efficiently and safely by contacting your locally owned concrete contractor. 

#3 Concrete is Resistant 

Concrete makes homes safer in many ways. As a strong and durable substance, concrete adds safety to walls, floors, or swimming pools. When used in driveways with the correction reinforcement, concrete has enough load-bearing capacity to endure heavy vehicles such as SUVs. 

Because of its strength, it’s a good material for homes that experience strong winds, heavy snowfall, ice rain, and other environmental issues. Concrete’s resistance to fire, rust, rot, and mold also add to its safety value.

Concrete is also more energy-efficient due to its resistance to the elements. In the winter, a concrete home will stay warmer, and in the summer, it will stay cooler than a home made of wood. 

These are a few reasons why homeowners prefer concrete. Remember, although the material is strong, it’s not invulnerable. Pay attention to your concrete structures. If they develop cracks, then contact a contractor to help with repairs before the problem grows worse.