5 Practical Reasons to Call a Commercial Locksmith

Operating a business means establishing relationships with a number of vendors, suppliers, and service providers. One of the providers that you need to get to know well is a local commercial locksmith. There will be a number of events that call for the expertise that this type of locksmith can bring to the table. Here are some examples to consider. 

You’ve Just Let a Key Employee Go

While it may not happen often, there are times when it’s necessary to let an employee go. When that employee had access to sensitive data and was provided with keys and other means of entering different areas of the operation, there’s a task that needs attention once he or she has been escorted out of the building. That task has to do with updating the locks.

Your goal is to ensure that even if the now-terminated employee made copies of keys to one of more parts of the building, they will not work. This helps to protect your proprietary data as well as the equipment that you house in the office or other facility. 

It’s Time to Re-Code the Security System

Even if everything is running smoothly, it makes sense to re-code the building’s security system from time to time. Just as you urge employees to update their login credentials on a regular basis, it makes sense to update the codes that allow access into the building. This helps to reduce the potential for theft, since someone who happened to be watching when an employee entered a code using a keypad will not be able to gain access. 

You Need Advice About Securing a Specific Area of the Operation

You’re fine with the security measures for the main points of entry. Right now, a primary concern is limiting access to one area of the operation. This could be the research and development area, or possibly a room where you keep paper copies of important documents. You can bet that a commercial locksmith can provide some tips on what sort of locking setup to use and how to ensure only those who need access can get into the space. 

A Recent Break-In Has You Rattled

Nothing feels quite like entering the office on a Monday morning to find the place ransacked and valuable equipment missing. After the police finish with the scene and you’ve been in touch with the insurance company, the next call needs to be to a commercial locksmith. The goal is to beef up all the locking mechanisms used for the outer doors and possibly some of the inner doors as well. Until you do this, feeling safe in your own space will be more difficult for you and for your employees. 

You’ve Just Bought Additional Commercial Space

While you’re happy with the security at the main facility, the locks at a recently acquired space leave you feeling a bit uneasy. They are easily inferior to the precautions that you take at your main place of business. Even so, the building has most of the features you need to expand, including a location that’s near your present facility. 

With the aid of a commercial locksmith, it’s possible to develop a plan for upgrading all of the locks at that new building. You can decide what works best based on how the building will be used, what sort of locks are needed inside as well as outside, and how long it will take to complete the project. Once the work is done, you can begin to move equipment, inventory, and other essentials into the new space and rest assured that it’s truly secure. 

These are only some of the ways that a commercial locksmith can help. If it has to do with locks or security in any way, call today and arrange for a site visit. There’s a good chance that the professional has a solution that’s ideal for the setting.