5 Questions to Ask Heating Services in NYC Before Investing in a New System

It’s time to get rid of the old heating system and replace it with something new. As the search gets underway, it’s important to talk with representatives of different heating services NYC and ask some questions. The answers to those questions will help you determine the right type of heating system and also which service should handle the installation. Here are five examples of questions that need to be on your list. 

What Size System is Right For My Home?

Don’t assume that the new system has to be the same size as the old one. All sorts of things may have changed since the last time the home was outfitted with a new heat pump or other system. Perhaps a room was added or the basement was finished and turned into living space. Maybe new windows were installed a couple of years ago. A professional will evaluate the home as it is today, plus allow for any changes that you plan on making in the next few years. That information will make it easier to settle on a unit that has enough power to control the indoor temperature effectively. 

Are There Newer Features That You Would Recommend?

If the current unit is somewhere between 10-15 years old, there are features on today’s systems that may be of interest. Expect the representative to ask some questions about how you use the current system, including which features you tend to use the most. That provides a basis for exploring newer features and how you might find them useful. 

Remember that there are systems available today that allow you to remotely adjust the settings as well as program changes to occur throughout the day. These and other features could allow you to reduce energy consumption. Even if you’re not sure about using newer features, allow the representative to outline how they work and what can be done with them. 

What Sort of Filters Would Work Best?

Every manufacturer recommends a certain type of filter for their systems. Aside from the dimensions of the filters, factors like the materials used will make a difference. Since filters come in washable as well as disposable models, this is another aspect that you want to explore.

There are also points to consider such as the presence of pets in the home or whether or not the residents use tobacco products. By providing the representative a little more information about how things normally go around the house, it will be easier to determine what sort of filter is best. 

How About Energy Efficiency?

An energy-efficient unit is definitely what you want. How do you know which units provide the best performance for the lowest amount of energy consumption? That’s where the representative comes in. 

If you’ve never had to learn how to understand energy ratings, now is the time to learn. The rep will walk you through the basics so you can easily read a rating and know what it means. This gives you a better idea of whether a particular system is worth the money or if you should look for something that has a better rating and an affordable price. 

Can I Set Up a Service Contract and What Will It Provide?

While many of your questions have to do with the heating system itself, don’t overlook what happens after the installation. What sort of warranty comes with the unit? How long will it remain in effect? More importantly, does the heating service offer a contract that provides support with maintenance, upkeep, and taking care of any repairs that may be needed? Always find out what’s included in that contract, including what type of support is free and what would require some sort of discounted fee or charge. 

Remember that a new system should provide over a decade of excellent performance. Work closely with a representative from a reputable company and the unit will ensure the home is comfortable for a long time to come.