5 Secrets About What Men Really Want When It Comes To Sex

Beside common belief about men want to have sex with any willing lady, most guys desire having sex with women that are into it.  Enthusiasm and eagerness are significant elements that govern how fulling sex can be between two people. However, this is not what is seen in most women. For the ladies, sex with a guy is somewhat that giving them a gift. But this is not what men expect; in fact, they loathe such a thing.

Sex should not be out of obligation or as a favor, nor should it be an offer from something in return. That is how it becomes an unfulfilling experience.

If you are going through the motion and wondering how you can turn on your man and enjoy every sexual encounter you share with him, below are a few pointers worth practicing.

1.         Make Him Feel Wanted

Men also desire to feel wanted, so make it known to him. Do not just say it, but show it to him. Uttering the words will work on his ego, but acting on your words will take things to the next level. Let him know how much you enjoy having sex with him and how you look forward to it.

A simple statement such as “I love the feeling of you inside me” can have a profound impact. Do not be shy to say such things aloud when you are with him face to face. And text him such things when he is away. But if you do not like being too direct, you can try a more subtle and somewhat discreet approach.

You can let him catch you eyeing his crotch, butt, abs, or any other part of his body that you told him turns you on. You also should go a step further and touch him sensually on such places, more so the naughty ones. Take it to another level by introducing toys. Take a look at LTC cock cages.

Show your man that your lust after him; objectify him a bit so that he knows you are turned on by his whole demeanor and presence. Show him that you cannot control yourself when he next to you; it will make him feel so sexy and desired.

2.         Initiate Once In A While

Most women think that men are the one to initiate sex. It may be something attributed to the way men are wired as the hunter, the go-getter. However, guys will lose interest if they are the ones doing it all the time. As mentioned, men loved the feeling of being wanted. In as much as they will relish taking charge or things, the also have an attraction towards women that are bold and do not mind taking charge once in a while.

The guy will start feeling less wanted if you never initiate sex with him. Getting the ball rolling is no science. You only need to go with the motion. Tease him a little, whisper in his ear as you rub is hair then down his chest to the abdomen and then slid you had down his pants. If you want him going crazy over you and thinking about you all day, wake him up with a Blow Job.

Initiating sex will make and keep your man happy because he feels that he does not have to be one that takes the lead whenever it comes to “bed affairs.”

3.         Take Control

For men, part of taking charge of things regarding sex will include him being dominate in during the act. However, that is not always the case. They also relish being dominated once in a while. It helps keep things interesting for them.

Therefore, you should take control now and then. He may be the one that initiated the sex but should grab him along the way and push him down to let him know that you also need to have your way. It will drive him wild because it shows that you are a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it; it will be a huge turn on for him.

So, turn the table whenever you feel the need, better yet, surprise him once in a while by showing that you are in control. It will show him how much you want and desire him.

4.         Always Exude Confidence

A confident woman will always be a sexy lady in the eyes of most men. You may have your insecurities, so do guys; however, you should be confident that your guy is with you because he is attracted to you. That is enough reason for you to want to have sex with him and vice-vasa.

Remember, men are visual creatures. Do not ask for the lights to be off for you to undress. Be confident about your body and looks. Strip down in front of him and see how he will get off on seeing you transition from being clothes to standing fully naked before his eyes.

In case you are a bit self-conscious, you can opt to have soft lighting so that you hide a few flaws. But guys are likely not to notice such little flaws (like cellulite). They will not worry about them during the heat of the moment. All that will ring in their “heads” is you are standing before them naked.

5.         Be Vocal

Again, do not be shy about letting loose. If you want to unleash that inner feeling but getting loud, so be it. Men love women that can express themselves in the bedroom.

You could be the uninhibited screamer, the groaner or a moaner, whichever the case, your response will be speaking to the man that whatever he is doing is working. For some reason, men are always eager to know they are good at the job. Showing your man that he driving your wild to the point of you screaming in ecstasy will also get him up there with you.

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