5 Simple Reasons Why You Need a Service Contract for Your Home HVAC System

It’s great that you’ve invested in a new heating and cooling system for your home. Now you have the option of purchasing a service contract to go with your warranty. Is there any real reason to spend money on one of the service contract options you read about at Actually, there are several reasons that you should consider. Here are a few examples.

Help With Basic Maintenance and Upkeep

Basic maintenance accomplishes quite a bit. It helps to add more years of performance to the new unit. It also decreases the risk of excessive wear and tear on the system. Things like changing the filters on time or monitoring energy consumption will go a long way toward allowing you to get the most from that new system.

How would you like some help with the basic maintenance and upkeep? With a service contract in place, the provider will contact you at regular intervals to set up a date and time for routine system checks. Those can include replacing the filters. Think of how that would help you stay on top of the upkeep and reduce the risk of needing some type of repair.

Discounts or a Limited Number of Free Service Calls

Many service contracts come with a limited number of free service calls per calendar year. That’s great if the unit begins to make a noise or some other issue seems to develop. Even after you exhaust those free service calls, the contract terms may allow you to enjoy discounts on any other calls you request for the remainder of the year. Compare those benefits to having to pay full price for every service call.

Discounts for Major Repair Work

Assuming the unit does need some type of repair, minor issues maybe covered in full under the terms of the service contract. Major repair work may be covered also, but not for free. Instead, you receive some sort of discounted rate for both the cost of parts and the labor involved. Depending on what’s wrong with the unit, one major repair may be all it takes to justify the cost of the annual service contract.

Priority Service

What if your system malfunctions during a time of the year when it’s bitterly cold or unusually hot? If you have a service contract in place, your call for help will take priority over those who do not have contracts in place. Depending on how many people are seeking help, this perk could mean that you get help in a matter of hours rather than having to wait a day or two. With a little luck, the problem can be resolved during that first service call and the house will be comfortable by the time you go to bed that night.

An Up-to-Date Maintenance and Repair Record

Keeping accurate maintenance records is important. They can come in handy for a quick review when there’s the need for some type of repair. The thing is that you’re not the best at keeping up with details like these. Fortunately, that service contract will make it a little easier to maintain an accurate service record.

The HVAC repair service already maintains records of service calls and repairs. Thanks to your service contract, it’s possible to get a detailed breakdown of all the work done on the system for the past year. This will come in handy if you need the detail for tax purposes. For homeowners who are thinking about selling their properties, being able to provide prospective  buyers with details about the HVAC system can be a compelling selling point.

Before you pass on that service contract, take a look at what sort of benefits are included. Consider how even one major incident could mean paying a lot of money out of pocket. With that in mind, you’re likely to decide that securing the service contract will be a smart move on more than one level.