5 Top Ways to Make Your Relationship Better

The demands of 21st-century life can take a toll on any kind of relationship. Building the life you want for yourself and your partner takes time and usually requires your total commitment, leaving little to no opportunity to focus on the things that are key to a healthy and loving relationship.

Besides being a major contributor to our day-to-day happiness, being in a good relationship is a beneficial for mental and physical health, incentivizes healthier behaviors, gives a sense of purpose and ultimately leads to a longer life.

Here are five top ways you can start reapproaching your loved one.

1. Start Talking

Communication is one of the most important factors in keeping a relationship alive. Without it, simple problems can go unsolved and will build fear and distrust, leading each of you to guard yourselves against one another and since love and connection are about sharing and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, poor communication will contribute to growing resentment and estrangement.

You will also find that learning how to listen is very important, but it isn’t enough. Communication will be central to reconnect and strengthen the bonds .Keep in mind that no partner is a skilled mind-reader, no one can tell what’s going on in another person’s mind. You have to guide your partner towards you, and let him or her do the same.

When speaking to each other about any aspect of your relationship do not be critical. Instead, use a positive kind of communication. Start phrases with “I feel like…” instead of “you make me feel…”. This strategy will put you in control of your feelings and gives space to your partner to also bring their feelings out.

2. Be Open Up About Sex

Improving your experience in bed can be very important in the process of reconnecting. Being open about sex might feel a little awkward at first, but it is one way to increase the feeling of intimacy and trust between you and your partner. If you have some uncertainty and feel unattractive, it’s time to seek third-party help. There are different ways to resolve this problem: talk with the sexologist, have a photoshoot nude but when the relationship is on the rocks, love spells can make things better between you and your partner by adding more passion and splash of emotions. Firstly, start simple and go slowly – don’t begin by discussing your deep-seated fantasies from the get-go – instead, talk about what feels good, move to what doesn’t feel good and let the conversation flow. The best time for these exchanges is immediately after or before the sexual act itself, as the middle of the act is when you’re at your most vulnerable and talking can trigger insecurities.

3. Book Some Time Away

Routine, while efficient for everyday tasks, can take the magic away from your relationship. Booking some time away refreshes it, as you will be experiencing something new together. Since you’ll be in an unfamiliar setting, you’ll get to know each other as you react to that newness, which will allow you to be more appreciative and make you remember what has attracted you in the first place.

When you’re having fun all the time, adventuring and exploring the world with your significant other, your predisposition for romance is increased.

4. Surprise Each Other

Two of the most important predictors of satisfaction and stability in marriage are kindness and generosity. Surprising your loved one by giving a small present is a way of exercising these two fundamental characteristics. When you both take an extra step to show appreciation, you are showing how much you value the relationship.

The results are physical too: when someone is surprised, they take a “hit” of positive chemicals and will display things like a dropped jaw, pupil dilation and raised eyebrows. There is no running from the good feeling of being surprised.

5. Respect Your Personality Differences

There are many reasons why we are attracted to different people, and while we can be aware of some of those, many others are usually unconscious. This means that over time you might find traits in your partner you were not expecting when you met, potentially leading to the conflict now. The key here is understanding that each of you has a different set of needs and communicating with each other will allow you to find a way to have those needs met within your relationship. It is never too late to try again, no matter how far from each other you seem to be. There was a reason that brought you together. With time, patience and communication that spark can be nurtured back to a loving flame.