7 Important Long-Distance Relationship Tips from Relish

7 Important Long-Distance Relationship Tips from Relish

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, then you know just how challenging it can be. Check out these 7 long-distance relationship tip crafted by professionals:

Still do things together

Obviously, you can’t hang out in person, but you can still do things together while apart. Netflix, Hulu, and all the other streaming platforms have tons of content that you and your partner can stream at the same time.

Want to get to know your partner better? Play these new and classic games.

Schedule one-on-one time

Another tip is to ensure that you’re making time for each other. Whether it’s a phone call at the same time every day or some texts before you go to bed, finding time for each other, even when apart, can help your relationship at a high level.

Find your desired level of communication

In order for the relationship to flourish, it’s best to ensure that you set boundaries when it comes to communication. While some people prefer to communicate with their partner every hour or so, others prefer to check in once or twice a day. No matter your preference, be sure to talk to your partner to find a communication balance that works for both parties.

Take the old school approach

As technology makes it pretty easy to stay connected with your partner, something about writing letters can add a different level to your relationship. Furthermore, writing letters can also add a romantic element, which is definitely needed in a long-distance relationship.

Respect the reasoning

No matter the reason why the two of you are apart, it won’t do any good to continuously complain about why you both live in different places. While we oftentimes don’t have any control over why we move, you have to respect the reasoning and work towards bettering the situation in front of you.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is very important in a long-distance relationship. You want to understand that you both have lives to live and that everything doesn’t revolve around each other, especially when you’re thousands of miles from each other. That being said, be sure to set boundaries and decide on when you’ll communicate, how often you’ll communicate, and how both of your personal lives will fit in the relationship.

Utilize your resources

As more and more people have experience with long-distance relationships, there are now more resources out there than ever before. So, if you’re struggling with some aspects of the relationship, then be sure to seek out the many resources available to you.

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