Fanciest Applications of Chocolate

Chocolate is probably one of the most popular sweets all around the world. Almost everyone loves its taste and has their favorite type.

Its most common varieties are dark, milk and white, which you can find and buy in the confectionery or even online, at the Santa Barbara Chocolate site.

It has become one of the most common ingredients of most desserts. The bar of chocolate or a piece of chocolate cake is always a nice addition to a cup of coffee.

Others can’t imagine watching a film in the evening without eating a bucket of their favorite chocolate ice cream. But its edible version isn’t the only one available.

Thanks to its incredible popularity in the whole world, chocolate developed many weird and unusual uses. Are you curious about the fanciest ones? Let’s discover some of them!

Culinary Ingredient

As has been already said, chocolate has found a use for eating and drinking. Apart from candies and snacks, you can use it while cooking a variety of savory dishes as well.

Many respected chefs apply chocolate to make delicious sauces, served with turkey or game. They mix it also with red wine and chili, which combines perfectly with red meat dishes or chili con carne.

Among the most popular drinks made of chocolate, you can distinguish hot chocolate and chocolate milkshakes served in most cafés. But these are not the only ones.

You can’t forget about alcoholic beverages, whose base is very often pure chocolate. These include chocolate liqueurs, creme de cacao, and many other cocktails. So, next time at the pub, don’t forget to try, for example, chocolate martini.


As chocolate as a culinary ingredient may seem quite obvious, now you’ll be probably more shocked. Have you ever heard that chocolate was used in the past as a currency?

In 1000 AD, the indigenous population of Central America used cocoa beans as money, especially while paying taxes to the Aztecs. It turns out that having four cocoa beans, you could buy a pumpkin, or for one hundred beans, you’ll be in possession of a slave.

Can you imagine now paying for groceries or bills with chocolate? It seems at least weird. But in the past, it was quite a valuable commodity.


Talking about the past uses of chocolate, you can’t miss its usage as a remedy in 18th century England, where it was believed to cure stomach aches.

Instead, in Central America, it was commonly used to build up immunity and overcome constant fatigue.

Keeping in mind these applications of chocolate, now, in more modern times, chocolate has become part and parcel of many luxurious beauty and spa treatments.

For example, dark chocolate applied to your face as a kind of a mask, aids skin complexion due to its antioxidant properties.

Moreover, chocolate is frequently used in massages, during which you are lubricated with it, and you can feel this relaxing feeling when a massage therapist touches every part of your body.

Other spa treatments will even allow you to fully drown and bathe in chocolate. So, anytime you feel overtired and overworked, consider such an original spa package, thanks to which you would be finally as good as new.


Among other fancy applications of chocolate are cosmetics. You’ll find it almost everything, from body lotions, skin creams, masks, lip scrubs, and balms, as well as the chocolate bar eyeshadow palette.

Using them, you’ll not only moisturize and nourish your skin but additionally, you’ll improve your physical appearance. These beauty products should satisfy every sweet tooth and make you feel good and beautiful as never before.

They are also a great and original idea for a gift. Everyone will be glad at such a present, but make sure they aren’t allergic to chocolate.


Finally, chocolate is widely used at many celebrations and parties, such as weddings or birthday parties as one of the decorations.

Most often, it takes the form of an edible sculpture, a chocolate fountain, or a chocolate “waterfall”, in which guests can dip strawberries, marshmallows, meringue or other food items.

Besides being super sweet and delicious, it makes a tremendous impression on all gathered people.

The same is with chocolate decorations put on cakes and cupcakes, which take different forms and shapes, like honeycomb or butterflies, becoming real sweet masterpieces that nobody wants to eat them since they look too perfect.

Mentioning decorations, we can’t forget about chocolate balls hung on Christmas trees and chocolate Easter bunnies sold before holidays. All these sweet treats make kids as happy as a clam, and poor parents flat out of money.

As you can see, something familiar as chocolate can be used in a variety of ways that you have probably never thought of. Except for being a great delicacy, it’s been used in the monetary system, skin and body care, cosmetology, and even decorating of events.