Here Comes the Sun: Get Your Clothes Ready for Warm Weather

We’re on the other side of daylight savings, which means it’s time to take advantage of all the incredible sunlight that we finally have. Even though it might feel like winter is lingering for too long, our dreams of sunny weather mean that it’s finally time to put away those bulky sweaters and winter boots.

Are you ready to transition from your winter wardrobe into light layers, bright colours, fun prints, and stylish hats? As you go through your winter pieces and prepare to put them away for the next few months, consider how much wear you get out of them. Do you really need to keep them around? With that in mind, are you ready to adjust your closet for spring and all the warm weather it brings? Read on.

Get the Right Footwear

Women and men alike will appreciate swapping out those chunky winter boots for lighter footwear like sneakers, flats, or boat shoes. When you’ve got a nice pair of shoes that you want to wear, you don’t want to be worrying about finding the right socks. 

Sometimes we all need a little extra warmth on our toes, which makes thermal socks such an excellent addition to someone’s closet no matter the time of year. You can find thin insulating socks that still excel at keeping your feet warm without the extra cushion that comes with a thicker pair. Go ahead and stop by Heat Holders to check out their thermal gear collection for any season.

Take a Trip to the Donation Centre

Not sure what to do with all those winter pieces? If you’re holding onto that one type of garment that you can only wear once a year, it could be time to let go. Marie Kondo’s popular tidying up method is changing lives around the world based on the principles of minimalism and letting go of things that no longer “spark joy.” 

As you prepare your spring wardrobe and put away those winter pieces, set aside those garments that just don’t shine. Make room for new clothes that might crop up during the season. Take your used items to the donation centre where it will find new life with another person.  

You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel

Decluttering and re-organizing can breathe life into any old closet, but you don’t have to completely toss aside your winter garments in order to make room for your spring and summer pieces. You can transition your wardrobe into spring by taking out the heaviest items first and holding onto the lighter, versatile pieces. 

Get rid of the snow pants but hold onto your favourite pair of thermal tights that you can still wear under dresses and skirts. Put away your parka but keep a statement jacket or two that you can layer up (or down) to keep up with whatever the weather has in store. 

Don’t put away all of your sweaters just yet, some of the ones that come in bright colours can be used to top off an otherwise summery look when the sun is out but the weather hasn’t caught up yet. Make the most of the transition into the warmer weather and get ready to enjoy the warm weather with your favourite pieces.