How Can I Move Cheaply?

Until and unless you are an expert or you have some past experience, moving might be daunting for most people. Specifically, when you are under certain budget criteria, it will be quite difficult to spend a lot of money.  Therefore, how would you shift your entire furniture and their personal stuff? How would you manage to get all your stuff out of your current room to a new place without throwing a ton of cash in the process? However, the cost to hire movers fluctuates from time to time and place to place. 

Some of the vital tips, tricks and strategies for moving on a tight budget are discussed below.

  1.      Compare the cost:

You should always give a shot and do some research about the costs of DIYs in comparison to the professional services. Also, do not assume that hiring movers will be more expensive than moving it yourself.  However, the moving truck seems like a good deal, but still, there are many people who do it by themselves.

These people end up spending more money than they would have on professional movers. Some tips are mentioned which will help you in comparing your options should help you make the choice that’s best for you.

When you are hiring professional movers, then take at least 3 quotations from each moving company.  Moreover, it is always possible to negotiate up to some extent with the movers. Also, if you schedule your move during fall or winter, the moving companies probably lower price rates.

Before you book your slot with the mover, make sure that you do a background check of the desired moving company. You should also check the U.S department of transportation’s safety and fitness electronic records system.

Do the DIYs still look more affordable to you? You must plan yours smartly in order to avoid the rush hours. It will save you a lot of money time and a headache.

If you still get confused between hiring professionals or bribing your friends with some snacks, then go for PODS.  In this process, you have to load the unit yourself, the company moves it to your new place, and you unload it. 

2)      Do not pay extra for the boxes:

The carton boxes work as the building blocks of the moving process. Buying boxes would be ridiculous mistakes, as we can get the boxes for free in many ways. You can obtain the empty boxes from your office or workplace as the printer-paper boxes are sturdy and large enough for most items. You can also contact your friends who have recently passed out of the hostel.

3)      The utility shut down dates:

You have to optimize your utility shut down dates so that you can survive without cable for a week or two.  Before shifting to a new place, you should research whether it offers a free service like Dallas-based.

4)      Ditch some of your stuff:

It is quite obvious that you would like to take with you all your belonging, through which you can earn some cash and eliminate extra weight, a metric that some movers use to estimate their cost partly. However, practically, it is not possible. You need to leave unnecessary items in your old place.


Therefore, you must analyze all the factors before booking the time slots with the desired moving company to get hot deals on cheaper rates. Also, you can negotiate up to some extent to get some great deals. Furthermore, you must use all the above-mentioned tips and tricks to avoid spending a lot of money.

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