How to Help the Guy Who Only Wears White Socks

You know the guy. He may be your friend, husband, boyfriend, brother or father. No matter who he is you will know him as the guy who always dresses the same way, is always a little too casual, even at formal occasions and, worst of all, as the Guy Who Only Wears White Socks.

This guy is not a bad guy. Quite the opposite, usually. He is probably a great guy who just doesn’t know any better. He thinks that all socks are the same and the ones at the bottom of the bargain bin work just as well as any other pair of socks. Really, when you think about it, this whole situation is just as much your fault as it is his. No one in his life has ever sat him down and had The Talk about style and socks.  

At some point in their lives, all guys need to have someone sit them down and have The Talk about style. They need to be told what to wear, when to wear it, what you can save some money on and where you should never cut corners. Ideally, this talk happens when guys are young but, unfortunately, some guys slip through the cracks. That is why it may be time for an intervention to help YOUR Guy Who Only Wears White Socks.

Admitting there is a problem

Step one in any recovery process is for the struggling person to admit there is a problem. Your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks probably either doesn’t know or is in denial about the fact that he has a major problem when it comes to socks. That is why the first step in this intervention process is showing him that always wearing white socks is an issue.

You need to illustrate the problem for him by using examples. Take him to his sock drawer and show him the situation. Chances are his sock drawer is stuffed with cheap white athletic socks. After he sees the lay of the land, point out that he wears them with EVERYTHING… including to more dressed up occasions where they really don’t belong.

Use pictures and visual aids. Show him at a wedding in a suit with white socks. Show him pictures of himself at work or a holiday party and how white socks look with an otherwise nice outfit. This may be enough to help scare some guys straight, but if your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks is a harder case, you will need to move on to the next step.

Explain why white socks are hurtful 

At this point, your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks may get upset or defensive or lash out. Don’t worry, this is a normal part of the sock intervention process. They may say they like white socks or they don’t see the difference wearing white socks makes. This is where you need to calmly and compassionately explain that wearing only white socks is in bad taste.

You can start by putting him at ease and letting him know that white socks are OK in some situations. You are not trying to make him wear dress socks to the gym or anything crazy like that. You can even explain that white socks are making an unlikely style comeback in some situations. That said, you need to be firm and clear that white socks all the time are just not acceptable.

Once again, using visual aids, you need to systematically convince your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks that there is a better way. Show him pictures of guys looking stylish wearing great socks. Show him pictures of someone like NBA star Russell Westbrook, an athlete who wears great socks to complement his personal style. The goal here is to build a convincing case that expanding your guy’s sock game is the best path forward.

Hopefully, once you have done this, there is a breakthrough in the end. Your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks will eventually see the light and understand there can be more to his sock life than the current bargain white socks he always wears. He will finally understand how deeply his white sock use is hurting the people he loves’ sense of style and taste.

Model Positive Behavior

Once your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks is ready to get help and change his life for the better, it is up to you to help. The road to recovery is long and there are sure to be some missteps along the way but if you do everything you can to help and support your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks, real, lasting change is possible.

The best thing you can do to show him you support him in his conversion is to introduce a couple of nice pairs of socks into his wardrobe to help him see the difference. Get him a “starter kit” of socks that includes a black pair, a few different colors, some patterned or striped socks, and some great argyle socks.

This starter kit will help begin the transformation of his sock drawer and eventually lead him to a place where he has all kinds of sock options. From there, he can start to match the right socks with the right outfits so that he can eventually lead a full, happy, and fashionable sock life.  


That is how you stage an intervention for your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks. Remember, no one is born as this type of guy, they just become this way over time. With a little patience and empathy, you can turn your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks around and make him a Sock Guy of whom you can be truly proud. It won’t be an easy fix. These sock issues run deep. Even so, it is definitely worth your effort to convert your Guy Who Only Wears White Socks to a Sock Guy.

Just think how happy and proud you will eventually be when you go somewhere with your former Guy Who Only Wears White Socks and you overhear someone say, “Hey, look at Great Sock Guy; he’s got great socks!” It will truly be an amazing moment that makes all of your effort worthwhile.