How to Make Extra Money from Homesteading

With everything going on these past few months, looking for ways to earn extra money is one of the priorities some people have.

But it’s hard to look for another source of income due to the limitations caused by health concerns; however, it is not entirely impossible. One of the choices one can do is to practice homesteading and earn from it.

Homesteading is living a self-sufficient life. Primarily this lifestyle involves growing your food and not having to purchase them from grocery stores. But it may expand to creating your clothing, furniture, and other items that are for household use.

If you have the skills to go down the homesteading path, then this might be the perfect way for you to earn more money on the side, especially during these times when people do not go out as often and purchase their goods in stores.

You can be the one who can fulfill the need for food and other items your neighbors might have.

You can earn from this lifestyle several ways, and we will discuss how to make money homesteading below:

Plant-related Produce


These healthy products are some of the easiest items you can sell from your garden. Ensure that you plant vegetables relatively easy to grow, especially if you are new to homesteading. Do some research as to which vegetables are commonly used by your target market.

One of the selling points that you can highlight is that your vegetables are organic and locally-grown if they are. You can create an online store/social media page where you can promote your products on Facebook.


Another plant-related product you can sell is herbs. These plants are relatively easier to take care of and can even be grown indoors if you have space and adequate sunlight. Some of the herbs you can grow are the following:

  • Mint
  • Parsely
  • Chives
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Cilantro
  • Oregano
  • Lemongrass
  • Bay
  • Coriander

Herbs are used daily for those who love to cook and add a little twist of flavor to their meals.


Another type of plant-related items you can sell are seeds. However, you need to carefully plan the number of plants you need to grow to have projections as to how much you can produce for selling and replanting.

Through selling seeds, you can also help people around you grow their plants for their consumption. However, you might have to study how to store seeds that are for selling correctly. There are different processes and methods you can do to prepare the seeds.

You also need to check which plants can grow in the weather that you have in your location. It will also be beneficial if the seeds that you sell are of plants that bear fruits that are usable for stockpiling.

Rent Out Your Homesteading Tools

There is a high chance you’ll be purchasing necessary homesteading tools if you decide to be serious in going down the path of being more self-sufficient. However, you might not be able to use all the tools every day.

One good way to get the most out of the tools you purchase is to rent them out. Don’t let them gather dust in your garage or tool shed; let someone use it and pay you for the trouble.

Tools that have machines and run on fuel need to be used from time to time to preserve their engine. Through renting out your homesteading tools, you will be doing yourself and the people around you a favor while earning back some money you spent on the instruments.

Although you need to be careful who you rent out your tools to, some people may not be as cautious as you are when using tools and might do costly damage to them.

If you want, you can have them sign a contract that states they have to pay for the damages should it occur, especially for expensive tools.

Poultry Products


Chickens are one of the most recommended homesteading farm animals to raise. They are relatively cheap and easy to raise, and they produce eggs that are a staple to every breakfast plate.

You may also opt to add other types of eggs such as duck, peafowl, and turkey to give more variety and ability to offer more to your target audience.


Some people are more interested in purchasing chicks; they can grow to harvest their eggs or meat. You can buy an incubator to aid hatching the eggs. Another option you have is to find a broody hen to help you naturally incubate and hatch the eggs.

The best time to sell chicks is one day after they hatch. Sell the chicks as straight-run – meaning their sex can’t be determined yet. Some of these chicks might grow to become hens or roosters.

The price goes up the rarer the chick breed is. Heritage chicks go from $6 and above.


Heat is one of the necessities for human survival. One may know how to stockpile food for survival, and that’s an excellent skill to have, but without heat, you cannot cook meats and other food items. During colder weather, fire is also necessary to help keep the warmth.

Burning firewood is one of the ways you can produce heat for cooking and staying warm. Hence, it can also be an excellent way to earn extra money, especially if you have land to clear.

Before selling them, make sure that they are dry and ready for burning. Secure a dry place where you can store the firewood for selling and ensure that it doesn’t become damp.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more items you can sell to earn extra through homesteading. Remember, the main goal of homesteading is to become self-sufficient. All the articles and products you sell should revolve around being self-sufficient.