How to Make Your Kids Smarter

Everyone wants to feel the joy of having their kid appreciated as the smart kid. Especially with growing competition, the importance of making kids all-rounder has become the aim of every parent.

But kids don’t simply become smart by doing nothing, as a parent, it is your responsibility to help your child learn and grow through different activities. A few engaging daily activities can have a significant effect throughout a kid’s childhood.

Parents need to be deliberate about helping kids become smarter from the time they wake up to when they go back to sleep. A child’s mind is flexible and easy to mold.

As they grow older, they conform to whatever trainings they were exposed to. With these simple steps, you can train your kids to become smarter and confident in life.

Maintain Consistent Bedtime

Depending on their age, the recommended sleep duration for kids varies between 14 to 9 hours daily. Children under the age of 3 require the most sleep as they need it to grow faster.

From 6 to 12 years, they need just about 10 hours of sleep. From 12 – 18 years, just like adults, 8 hours is sufficient with an hour of nap time during the day.

Ensure your kids get an adequate amount of daily rest for their age. The most effective way is to have a bedtime and a wakeup time that applies even on weekends and holidays. In most homes, the most common bedtime is 8 pm – 10 pm with wake time, typically around 6 am.

Music Lessons

Music is good for the brain. For decades, it has been used in various therapies and brain development for both children and adults. Learning how to play an instrument is valuable in developing the brain faster.

Recent studies have shown that kids who study music tend to be smarter than those who did not. Studying music increases IQ and self-confidence.

Brain Games

Brain games such as puzzles, Count the Shapes, I Spy, and Chess can increase a child’s analytical thinking, creativity, and conceptual learning skills.

By slowly introducing your kids to brain games as early as practical, you would be teaching them valuable life skills in a fun way. The Works has a wide selection of puzzles to start with for all ages.

Start by getting a jigsaw puzzle for kids to play during the weekend. You can also initiate a family game night tradition.

Outdoor Physical Activities

Allow your kids to play outdoors often. Encourage them to try out different sports and extra curriculum activities outdoors. This is essential in keeping them physically active.

An active body is not only good for blood circulation, but it also keeps the mind healthy. When kids find an interest in a sport, they tend to practice more and get better at it. They become more confident and seek to learn more things, thereby exposing them to new knowledge and skills.

The advantage kids have is that they can absorb and process information fast and are not afraid of failure.

By exposing your kids to a structured routine for sleeping, playing, and learning, you will be giving them a head start in life. Smart kids turn out to have great careers in the future. Use this simple guide to get them started on that path.