How to Shop for the Best Vape Juice

Vape Juice: A brief definition

Vape Juice is commonly known by a multitude of name colloquially. However, the most common name it is known as electronic cigarette liquid. 

It’s a liquid aerosol consisting of different kinds of flavors, which give away their essences when heated by the atomizer so that the user can enjoy then via the use of vapors or smoke as seen by the naked eye.

Composition of Vape Juice

In all honesty, vape juice is not composed of any definite elements. The reason is quite simple.

Since e-cigarettes are not controlled by a single organization of any major governmental agencies; therefore, there are no specific rules and regulations concerning their composition. 

With the ever-evolving, concoctions in the nature of the e-liquids vary a lot.

However, on further research on various individual levels, the generic constituents in a vape juice are found out to be:

  • Glycerin
  • Glycol
  • Propylene
  • Flavorings

While the three ingredients of glycerin, propylene, and glycol constitute 95% of e-liquids, the remaining 5% is taken up by the flavorings

Flavorings: The stipulation of the vape juices

Even though flavorings constitute as little as 5% of the e-liquid composition, it is no secret that the flavors of the vape juices make them different from one another thereby rendering a unique essence to the experience of vaping in general.

The most common flavor of vape juice is that of nicotine since the original concept of an e-cigarette is to replace the original one.

The integral elements of flavorings include:

  • Sugars
  • Esters
  • Menthol
  • Pyrazines

Multitudes of other synthetic chemical formulations are used to render the variety of flavors that come in these e-liquids.

Some of the most common flavors that rule the vape juice world are mint, cherry, cinnamon, apple, banana, chocolate and many more.

One must not assume that only artificial chemicals are used for the flavor in vape juice. There are ample natural oils, fruits and herb extracts that are amply used in the manufacture of flavorings as well.

Nicotine Salt: The latest addition to the legion of vape juices

In the discussion, we have understood that the primary target of vape pens and vape juices is to mirror the nicotine consumption experience just like an original cigarette stick.

To achieve this perfection in the world of vapes, the latest component is nicotine salt.

This particular kind of vape juice helps to decrease the pH level of nicotine thereby converting it into the salt with the aid of a component, which is acidic.

This whole process is quite near to the natural nicotine as found in the tobacco leaves. The experience shared by the users of nicotine salt vape juice has been nothing but extraordinary.


The vape juices still contain traces of nicotine, which have proven ill effects on health.

Therefore, children under the legal age of smoke should never be permitted to use them. Pregnant women and sick individuals should be prohibited from their use as well.