If You’re Going To Wear A Business Suit, Wear It Right

The purpose of a suit is to show off your physique in an understated but perfectly flattering manner, with the intention of generating a degree of class and style which you would be hard pressed to create otherwise. 

There are few pleasures greater than finding a suit that fits just right. A perfect-fitting suit gives you the confidence you need to walk into any situation with your head held high, whether it’s an interview, a wedding, or a work event. 

But getting the perfect fit for your suit is more of a challenge than many people realize. For one, it’s not clear to all exactly what a good fit looks like—and selecting and sizing a suit can be troublesome for anyone. Let’s take a look at how to get it right:


To get the shoulders right, you need to have the shoulder seams of the jacket ending at the end of your shoulders—not before or after. There should be no divots or wrinkles. The shoulders should be able to lay as flat as possible. As long as that is the case, it should mean the shoulders look good and the suit fits well.

Pant Hem

As a general rule of thumb, you should always ensure that your suit pants are hemmed in order to leave a small break. This way, it is likely to look more polished and a good deal sharper compared to a full break. It is also going to be more flexible for many different situations, compared to no break. So aim for this nice in-between and you should be happy.


The seat area should lightly hold your behind, meaning that it should ideally be neither too baggy, nor too tight. For one thing, it will just mean that it is more comfortable this way—but it’s also designed to help you look your best as well, so make sure that you get this right.

Jacket Length

This is arguably just about the most important consideration in sizing a suit at all. If the jacket length is even slightly wrong, it is going to negatively affect the way that the whole suit looks—so make sure that it is just right. That means it should end at around mid-crotch if you are an average height, or mid to lower if you are a bit taller.

Jacket Closure

The correct closure of the jacket is important to achieve if you don’t want to look, frankly, too over- or under-weight. You will know intuitively looking in the mirror whether or not you have got this right. It can take a long time to fix, so it is best to make sure your tailor makes this a priority from the start.

Jacket Collar

You should be able to run your finger around your collar at the front, but have it fit tightly around the back. Not too tight, of course—you don’t want your jacket to strangle you, and you need to fit a shirt underneath. Get the balance right, and it should be well fitted, as should the suit in general if you have paid attention to these tips.

By far the best way to make sure you’re wearing your suit correctly is to get a custom-tailored suit made by experts. It’s not worth skimping on a sub-par tailor only to get a suit that doesn’t fit quite right. Invest in the best from the start so you can look sharp no matter where you wear your suit.

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