Is it Time to Ditch Tinder and Try a new Dating App?

In the modern era, finding your true love becomes more and more complicated. Traditional ways of getting acquainted with people, slowly are substituted with the digital ones. People don’t need to hang out in clubs or try to start a trivial conversation with strangers. With the tendency towards virtual communication, no wonder lots of love-seekers turned to Tinder. Previously, a flawless app which helped thousands to get rid of loneliness, now it gradually starts to lose the most avid users.  The current situation shows, that Tinder is becoming less popular and more people are complaining about the lack of matches. Many young people are starting to explore new hookup apps as Tinder starts to grow stale. So, isn’t it better to find some alternative hookup apps instead of wasting the time on the repetitive Tinder swiping?


While looking through the long lists of the best hookup apps in 2019, you’ll come across Hinge. If you are tired of the continuous hookups and feel ready to find someone for a stable relationship, then Hinge is an ideal resource for you. It’s orientated on the people with serious intentions, so instead of swiping through the hundreds of people, it allows users to concentrate on the particular amount of the profiles. As opposed to Tinder, Hinge requires extended profile information. That means you’ll need to answer lots of questions, increasing your chances to find the spouse. But don’t be nervous that someone unwanted will see all your information, privacy settings are also available.


Badoo is a dating service available in various languages for users from all around the world. Badoo isn’t only relation-orientated, but it’s also a repository of wonderful people who’re simply looking for peers with the same tastes and views. The number of users is more than 345 million and the audience is quite different: raging from the 18-years-old users to the adults. Badoo’s searching tool is far better than Tinder’s, as it offers multiple options to find the best match according to your personal preferences. Moreover, if you have a desire to hang out with someone immediately, the system will find a person being next to you at the moment. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Do I Date

This app is meant to provide you with the necessary information about the individuals you’re to date in real and encourage people to be open and honest with each other. The peculiar feature of Do I Date app is that you can read the reviews and feedbacks of other people regarding the person you’re interested in which is quite a useful option taking into consideration the number of the fishy individuals and fake profiles appearing on the similar resources.


If starting a conversation with the guy or asking him on the date isn’t a problem for you, then you’ll certainly appreciate this app. It was created by  a Tinder co-founder to reduce the number of creepy individuals bothering women with the nasty messages, instead of providing them with the opportunity to initiate the relationships without wasting much time on waiting for someone perfect. Its functional pack involves search tools, where you can state your preferences and meet people with similar tastes. If you just want to chat without any flirting, then use BFF option. 

How About We

Equipped with an attractive and simple interface, this app is a real discovery. Generally, it’s specially created to assist you in finding the right person for the ideal date of your dream. You don’t need to fill your profile with the endless amount of the information, but just to post how you would like to have a date and where to go. With its help, you can add bright emotions to your life and meet the person who will share them with you. And all that only with a few clicks.

Contemporary dating apps totally revolutionized the vision of communication, and the vast variety of them makes it even more difficult to choose the best one. Once Tinder used to be the leader, but now why don’t you try something new?