Jealousy In A Romantic Relationship and How to Deal With It

Today, more and more people believe that being jealous is a sign that you are too clingy and don’t allow your partner to have a personal space. Surely, in most cases, jealousy is a very bad thing.

However, we can experience it for a reason. You see, every person from time to time can be jealous. Jealousy is a unique feeling. It makes the last melancholic people become active and explosive.

Even those who recently were phlegmatic and active, because of jealously, may become completely different people for good or for bad.

Is jealousy good?

Is jealously a good thing? For example, when you try to find a girl for marriage, you must understand that you may get very jealous when she decides to spend time with her friends.

This happens because we all have a sense of ownership. Because of this sense, you start to believe that she is yours now. Surely, when this happens, you will feel jealous when she decided to spend time with someone else instead of spending time with you.

In a way, by jealousy, humans show their indifference. You see, you will never become jealous of someone whom you don’t even know. We can only be jealous of those whom we know and with whom we have emotional ties and connections.

Therefore, when your girlfriend feels jealous, this means that she cares about you. But, in this case, her care took a pretty bad form.

Is jealousy bad?

Jealousy is a very strong feeling. Unfortunately, quite often, people can’t control it. Because of that, they make stupid mistakes or even commit crimes.

It’s crucial to understand that there are many other ways to show a person that you care about him or her. Plus, by being jealous of someone, you show your distrust and disrespect. Even without jealously, these two things can easily destroy your relationship.

Why am I so jealous?

Now, when you know that it is better to avoid jealousy in your romantic relationship, you may want to know how to deal with it. Unfortunately, to effectively deal with it, you, first of all, need to learn the main reasons why you or your partner may be very jealous.

Here, we will mention several important reasons why people become jealous. Plus, we will add recommendations to each reason on how to deal with it.

1. Temperament

As you know, your temperament directly affects your behavior. This is why high tempered people very often suffer from jealously. To resolve this problem, you must be very attentive to your emotions and feelings.

When you see that those get out of your control, immediately try to focus on something else. By redirecting your attention, you will help yourself to calm down.

2. Inferiority complexes

When a person has some inferiority complex, he or she usually has very low self-esteem. Accordingly, when his or her partner spends time with other people, this person will begin to assume the worst. Surely, those assumptions are very far from reality.

They exist only since a person doubts themselves. It is not possible to deal with jealously without dealing with the inferiority complex. So, work on your self-confidence, and try to understand that your partner is with you because you deserve it.

3. Selfishness

Remember, selfishness is not a virtue. Selfish people are the most jealous type of people. You see, they believe that everything exists in this world only for them, especially their romantic partners. For this very reason, your selfish partner will be very jealous of you.

Additionally, he or she will never understand that something is wrong. If your partner is very selfish, you definitely have to talk about this.

On the other hand, if you can honestly confess that your selfishness is the reason for your jealousy, then you are on a halfway of solving this problem.