Summer credit card offer

Make Your Summer Count: Go Bonanza with Your ADCB Credit Card

Spicing up your summer is a swipe away with endless ADCB credit card offers! A crazy year deserves a crazy summer with a crazier offer, that is what these features are here for.

If used wisely, credit cards can benefit you greatly in saving money and earning rewards. They make it easier for you to keep track of your spending and make sure that your money is safely kept. Credit cards are packed with appealing features and offers that are hard to pass. Many banks in the UAE compete in offering the best perks to their existing and future clients, yet ADCB always shines through with their leisure-oriented packages and promotions.

Unfortunately, an ADCB credit card cannot buy you a ticket to travel in time, so it did the next best thing… 

Cover your expenses when it comes to dining, shopping, tuitions, fuel, credit card loans, bank transfers, or any other purchase while helping you earn you vouchers worth up to 3,000 AED from 

The More You Spend; the More You Earn

Take advantage of your purchases and spending habits by turning them into valuable rewards. Go bonanza with extravaganza, and get beach, school, wedding, or birthday ready every time. Serve looks, and do not worry about a thing, because not only are you enjoying the benefits of the best credit card offers, you are also earning more points and getting bigger gifts. 

Summer is for everyone, whether you are a parent who wants to give their children the time of their lives, a person who just wants to go out and enjoy some time with friends, someone looking for new experiences, or if you’re looking to unwind and forget about those heavy responsibilities for a minute. 

How it works… shop, shop, and shop some more! 

Your total purchases using ADCB Credit Card voucher you earn to shop as you please 
AED 15,000 to AED 29,000AED 250
AED 30,000 to AED 49,999AED 750
AED 50,000 to AED 74,999AED 1,500
AED 75,000 and aboveAED 3,000

All you have to do is enroll for this offer from your registered mobile number and spend to receive your special rewards. 

  • Enrollment in this promotion is mandatory to enjoy its benefits. 
  • Purchases made in categories like Government Services, Utilities and Telecommunication will be capped at AED 5,000. Balance Transfer and Credit Card Loan booked at 0% Interest rate will not be considered for rewards. 

It’s not too late for this to be the year of opportunities, magic, and memories with ADCB as your number one supporter, so embrace the heat, get off that couch, and get your world in order then go wild with it.

Endless rewards mean unlimited choices, so, what are you planning to do with your ADCB credit card?