8 Common Audience Targeting Mistakes Made by Businesses

Managing an Employee That is Going Through a Personal Crisis

Managing employees can be a challenge due to motivation tactics that work on some and not others. There are those employees that need to be supervised while others simply do a great job without any prodding. Uncomfortable situations can arise when an employee cannot separate their personal life from work. A huge life event that is negative will likely impact performance unless the person can compartmentalize extremely well.


Divorce is the most common personal crisis that a manager will encounter. With a high percentage of all marriages ending in divorce, it is only a matter of time until you deal with this as a manager. There might be a chance that the employee needs a few half days or remote work days to meet with their attorney covertly. The last thing any person getting divorced wants is their partner to find out unexpectedly. Allowing the employee to receive legal correspondence from the attorney at work can be a huge help. An employee will remember the company went out of their way to help them which can help drive employee loyalty. Referring a Raleigh divorce attorney or one in your area can be immensely helpful. Top divorce attorneys make sure their clients get what they deserve.

Crisis Cravers and Drama Queens

One aspect you have to keep in mind as a manager or businessowner is that some people are always in crisis. This could be due to bad luck or poor preparation in some cases. There are only so many times you can give leeway before it becomes normal and you want to treat all employees equally. Giving a little leeway once in a while is fine until it starts to become a habit. You will be able to figure out which employees are trying to take advantage and those that are truly suffering after getting to know them personally. Unfortunately, some people live in a constant state of chaos which shouldn’t make its way into the office.


Addiction can make its way into the office especially in a work hard and party hard environment that is so prevalent at startups with young employees. Knowing the signs of addictions is imperative as the last thing you want is a person to show up to work drunk or high. This can lead to injury depending on the job and impact the quality of work negatively. A client dealing with an impaired employee can be lost forever regardless of how healthy the business relationship could have been.

Financial Troubles

The Coronavirus pandemic drained quite a few people’s bank accounts as their jobs were deemed unessential by state governments. Financial troubles are common and as a manager paying an employee more most likely will not make a difference. Offering an employee extra work that they can do on weekends for additional income is an option. Referring this employee to a professional connection for supplemental income can also be done. Employees that you help on a personal level when you do not have to are most likely going to stay with the company as long as possible.

Treating employees well instead of just production numbers will make a difference in company culture. Invest in your employees and they will truly give an honest effort.

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