Need food for your catered event? Check out New York Food truck Association

Day by day things are becoming sophisticated and easy. Since weddings have become all about the guest experience, besides the couple of course, the food is quintessential for a better guest experience. Now renting a marriage hall or a church itself is very expensive and getting food from them only adds a lot of cost. And what if you are looking to get married in a remote location far from the city crowds? There is not going to be a kitchen available in the mountains. Obviously, you need food to be served at your wedding. While you are going through ideas, we have a better one. Try having a food truck wedding.

What is a food truck wedding?

The option of using food trucks at various events is becoming a popular trend because it is relatively easy. Catering is a big part of any event. If it is done right, you are on your way to good service but if the food is cold, chicken is dry, or not well-cooked, or if things aren’t properly managed then this is definitely going bad for you. Now, you can hire a food truck for your event that has a lot of options for food. You can give the attendees a vibrant taste by adding traditional and modern foods to the menu. It will be a cost-effective solution for any budget-friendly wedding. A large food truck can serve more than 70 people, so unless you want the long lines, you better have separate trucks for food and drinks.

New York Food Truck Association

To know more about food trucks, you can try It is a collaborated food truck service based in New York. They strive to help people by bringing fresh food to their events. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, or even a corporate event, you can have the food delivered to your party. You can serve your guests as many food courses, snacks and drinks as you want because we can manage all that at an affordable price. It’s not just a casual hot dog food truck, you can get any kind of food at your venue. The food truck will offer the finest food in New York. If you want the mobile kitchen to make fresh food at your event, we can manage that too. Just hire the and bring the gourmet food to your wedding. 

By hiring our services, you don’t need to worry about logistics because we have got local culinary experts who can make your food as you want. If you want a rental food truck to manage your food, we can arrange that as well. Just know that we have built a good reputation and satisfying customers with our high-quality service is our goal. Besides the food, you can customize the truck with your company’s logo and slogans. You can have the customized napkins and cutlery to bring a unique vibe that matches your wedding theme. This will be a good way for you to promote your business at a wedding.

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