Personal Trainer Jolene Cherry on Getting an Exercise Habit Started: Six Tips

Starting something new is always a challenge. For many, this is especially true when it comes to exercise. Even popular culture often portrays working out as arduous and miserable; it’s no wonder starting an exercise routine is so tough. But, according to Personal Trainer, Jolene Cherry, that portrayal isn’t accurate.

Jolene Cherry believes in helping her clients’ achieve their fitness goals by instilling passion as well as fun into their health-based physical activities. Below, Ms. Cherry shares six valuable tips that will make kick-starting your new workout routine easier than you imagined.

1. Start off gradually. Going too hard right off the bat is counterproductive. Your initial enthusiasm will evaporate quickly if you ask too much from yourself. It’s like the old story of the tortoise, and the hare: slow and steady is the better way to accomplish something. Begin with a routine that you find manageable. Ramp up to more demanding exercise only after you’ve mastered a basic workout.

2. Do something simple. These days, fitness is big business. As a result, working out has seemingly become ever more complicated. There are a million theories on what is the best workout regime. All this complexity can be overwhelming, which is why beginners should keep it simple. Basic cardio workouts like walking, running, or swimming and simple bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats are perfect ways to get started.

3. Don’t go it alone. Almost everything in life is more difficult solo. If you don’t have the budget for a Personal Trainer, Jolene Cherry suggests getting help from friends and family. Finding someone you can work out with will make beginning exercising much easier. Join a class if no one you know is interested. Accountability is crucial. Knowing that there’s a group of people expecting you to show up increases motivation. Psychological support is important too. Rely on your loved ones for advice and encouragement.

4. Follow a regular routine. Routines are vital to making a habit stick. Whether it’s as soon as you wake up, right after work, or in the evening, exercising on a regular schedule is essential. If you wait for inspiration, it will probably never come. Clear your schedule, make a plan, and stick with it. Once exercise becomes a regular part of your routine, it will become almost automatic, requiring much less effort to get started. That’s why establishing the habit in the first place is so crucial.

5. Set goals. When you reach a goal, you naturally feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. The anticipation of this feeling is one of the best motivators out there. That’s why setting yourself a workout goal is so helpful. It doesn’t have to be anything significant. At first, it might be only to get moving every day. Or, you could aim to walk or run a 5k. Graduate to more difficult challenges as you meet your initial goals.

6. Be upbeat. Exercise might seem all physical. In reality, the mental side is as important. If you don’t believe you can succeed, you won’t. That’s why a positive attitude is a must. Plus, exercise will be more enjoyable if you adopt a sunny disposition. Of course, setbacks — from injuries to loss of motivation — are inevitable. What is actually under your control is how you respond. Don’t let doubts or negative self-talk overwhelm you. Look at setbacks as opportunities to learn and come back stronger next time.

Taking up a regular habit of exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Working out is crucial to enjoying a long, healthy, happy life. In the here and now, exercise raises confidence, enhances self-esteem, and improves mood. You certainly won’t regret your new habit of regular exercise. See if the six tips above will help you get started.

About Jolene Cherry:

Jolene Cherry is the go-to yoga instructor and personal trainer in Portland, Oregon, for those looking to reach physical fitness and harmony in life. Combining her passion for travel, physical fitness, and meditation, she studied with renowned yoga instructors in Thailand as well as Hawaii. Jolene also offers guidance for healthy nutrition to strike a perfect balance in your life.

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