Popular Floral Arrangements This Holiday Season

Shopping during the holiday season can be extremely stressful. With a wide range of stores and products to choose from, how do you know what the right gift is for your family members, friends, and significant others? One gift that never goes out of style is floral arrangements. The right florist, such as Regionflorist, can help guide you towards the right selection of fresh, vibrant flowers. But if you are in need of a little more assistance before contacting your local florist, here are some of the most popular flowers to include in floral arrangements this holiday season.

beautiful bouquet of bright wildflowers in green metal bucket, on wooden table on blue background
  • Poinsettas – When you think of Christmas flowers, poinsettas probably come to mind. Their brilliant red color, green leaves, and stunning design will instantly scream, “Happy holidays!” to whoever the lucky recipient is. They also look great with any decor long after the holiday season.
  • Amaryllis – Another popular floral option is the breathtaking amaryllis. It is typically found in white, but may be available in multiple colors. Pairing this flower with ornaments would make anyone’s Christmas a little bit cheerier.
  • Stargazer – As the name implies, this plant has the shape of a star and comes in a stunning white color. This lily is known for its sweet aroma and can grow rather quickly.
  • Advent wreath – Although this is not necessarily a type of flower, this is a very popular floral arrangement that is used by many people during the winter months. This arrangement adds style to any door and can also be used as a table centerpiece.
  • Mistletoe – Known for its kissing abilities, this special flower is most commonly hung from the ceiling of doorways. It’s a tradition in most countries to kiss whoever is standing under the mistletoe, making this a fun addition to anyone’s holiday decor.
  • Roses and lilies – The combination of red roses, white lilies, and green leaves makes this arrangement a Christmas masterpiece. Not to mention how sweet the aroma will be from these beautiful flowers.

Floral arrangements will brighten everyone’s day and have affordable price tags. However, it is important that you trust your purchases with a florist who provides only fresh products. Regionsflorist has a wide range of arrangements that can be delivered the same day as you placed the order, as well as offering a five day freshness guarantee. The last thing you should have to be stressed about is finding the perfect gifts for the people you love. Our florists deliver to most cities in Germany. Hopefully this article has assisted you in determining what the ideal flower arrangement should be for your recipients. Our florists will also have a wide range of arrangements to choose from.

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