Staying Motivated to Stay Fit During the Holidays

They say to reach the goal of a summer body it would be easier to work on health and fitness in the winter months. However, it can be rather challenging around the holiday season, especially when no one else is thinking about the wellness of their bodies when they are preparing a holiday feast. From Christmas to Hanukkah, or any other holiday tradition, there are some dishes that if one doesn’t keep the mindfullness of staying on a healthy track, they will be sent right back to step one on their fitness journey when the celebrations are over. Below are a few steps to stay on the healthy course during the holidays. If one can keep the mindfullness of staying healthy by eating in moderation, staying on track with a healthy fitness journey during the holidays can be a breeze. Hanukkah is important to Rachel Harow. One key to maintaining wellness on a health journey is meal prepping. Treat the upcoming holiday weeks like any other by already having meals prepped up until the day of the holiday gathering or feast. This way there will be fewer temptations to go off the wagon and eat anything, and you can keep track of the meals and snacks that are eaten if one allows themselves a tasty treat. This will also make it easier to transition back into a regular health regimen once the festivities are over.

Just because the family is in town, or there are special events planned for the holiday celebration doesn’t mean that a workout routine has to come to a halt. If one is determined to keep their health and workout regimen on track, they can still find ways to schedule in at least a 30-minute workout to keep their workout regimen on track. Even if the holiday celebrations require staying in a hotel or family member’s house there are workouts that can be done via a mobile device on YouTube that can be done inside without workout equipment. Or one can go outside for a brisk walk or jog wherever they are located. Just like with meal prepping maintaining workout sessions will help maintain the mindfullness of a disciplined health journey, preventing the failure of goals.

Not allowing at least a little bit of wiggle room will lead to stress and temptation, taking one away from enjoying Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any holiday festivities. The “all or nothing” mindset can in fact lead to cravings and a risk of giving up. If one continues to practice their regular workouts, meal prep routine, and drink lots of water they can allow themselves a day or two of enjoyment for the holidays. Drinking lots of water is known to curb cravings, which will help one not even think about snacks or holiday treats when they are not hungry. Then on the very next day, once the festivities are over, one can ease right back into their health and wellness journey with ease, says Rachel Harow