Successful Entrepreneur Keith Orie Explains How to Sell Yourself and Make a Positive Impression

We all understand the value of making our first impressions with others count. Whether you are interviewing for a job, making a sales pitch, or even going on a first date, the first impression is everything. Below, Keith Orie, entrepreneur, and owner of Advanced Medical Sales, LLC, shares some ways to ensure you leave a great impression no matter the occasion.

Dress for Success

If you want to feel good, you need to dress well. This doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars at Gucci. However, when you appear put together, not only will you leave a great impression, you will feel confident, which will help your delivery. Your grooming, hairstyle, and clothing choice all go into dressing for success.

Be on Time

Whether you’re meeting with a colleague or interviewing for a job, timeliness is another factor that will affect the first impression. Being on time shows that you respect other people’s time. Being late on the first meeting shows disrespect and will shift a person’s opinion of you in no time. People are often busy and you should always respect their time and willingness to meet with you.

Relax, Smile and Be Yourself 

To present your very best self upon a first meeting, you need to be relaxed and be yourself. Remember to smile and take deep breaths so you can engage in the conversation and show your personality. You will be able to demonstrate your talents the best when you are feeling relaxed. If you stumble during an encounter, do your best to smile and continue. Appearing confident is of great value when it comes to first impressions.

Tell Your Story

Everybody has a story. It is meaningful to share yours and the people around are often receptive to what you have to say. Being vulnerable and sharing your story is a great way to make a lasting impression and forge meaningful connections and relationships. Some people are nervous about doing this for fear of being judged. This can be a big roadblock to overcome, but it has great results when practiced.

Psychologists say the impact of first impressions is actually related to the halo effect, the phenomenon where the perception of positive qualities in one thing gives rise to the perception of similar qualities in related things. So if you make an awesome first impression, it’s likely the person will think highly of you in other areas too.

With every new meeting, you are evaluated and an impression is formed. First impressions can be nearly impossible to undo and they often set the tone for the relationship that follows. That is why it is so important to get started on the right foot.

About Keith Orie

Keith Orie is a customer-oriented entrepreneur and owner of Advanced Medical Sales, LLC. He started the company to give patients a chance to live a life not dependent on pain relief medication or invasive procedures. He hopes that you find these life tips useful enough to apply in your own life so that you sell yourself and make a positive impression on everyone that you meet.

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