Top 5 Examples of Body Art and Ornamentation That You Should Consider

Tattoos and piercings are one of the ways to make a personal statement and achieve a look that you want for yourself. While not for everyone, many people find that these approaches singly or as part of a combination are to their liking. If you are wondering what sort of body art or ornamentation would be right for you, it pays to consult with the experts at, a renowned Toronto tattoo shop. Here are some of the suggestions they are likely to recommend.

Ear Piercings
Over the last several decades, ear piercings have gone from being something that happens to be a little daring to a form of body ornamentation suitable for people of all genders. The trick is to determine how many piercings you want on an ear or both ears, and what type of jewelry will go with those piercings. By choosing to have the work done at one of the better ear piercing services in Toronto, you can get suggestions from people who will recommend something that works with your personality and projects the look that you have in mind.

Wrist and Ankle Tattoos
The team at, a renowned Toronto tattoo shop, is likely to recommend wrist or ankle tattoos for those who want something that’s subtle and stylish. The design can look something like an ankle or wrist bracelet, or be something that’s larger and more elaborate if you like. This kind of body art works well when you plan on availing yourself of ear piercing services in Toronto to add something simple to one or both ears, like a stud sporting the gem of your choice.

Nipple Piercings
You’ll find that the team at, a renowned Toronto tattoo shop, are not strangers to nipple piercings. Like ear piercings, it’s possible to pierce one or both nipples and add some type of jewelry that helps to enhance your overall look. You can choose to go with something simple that happens to match the jewelry you chose after visiting one of the top ear piercing services in Toronto, or you can go with something that’s more ornate.
Remember that nipple piercings do allow you to change out the jewelry whenever you like. For example, you may choose something that’s simple and smaller to wear under your clothing at work. Before going out for the evening, you may exchange the simpler jewelry for something that’s more prominent.

Chest Shoulder and Arm Tattoos
If tattoos for your arms, shoulders, or chest is what you have in mind, there are plenty of designs offered by, a renowned Toronto tattoo shop. Select something that would go well with your build and the set of your shoulders. Remember that if you have a custom design in mind, the artists are happy to work with you to come up with a finished design, up to and including the colour choices.
Remember that ear piercings do look nice with upper body tattoos. You may even draw inspiration for the jewelry from the tattoo design itself. Once the tattoo is done, visit one of the ear piercing services in Toronto and see what you can find.

Intimate Piercings
There is also the option of looking into intimate piercings that only you and your special someone will see. When you visit, a renowned Toronto tattoo shop, they will have some examples of intimate piercings suitable for all genders. Select the site for the piercing , find the right type of jewelry, and make arranges for the work to be done. A professional who routinely offers ear piercing services in Toronto is also likely to be qualified to manage intimate piercings too.
What sort of body art and ornamentation is right for you? No one can answer that question other than yourself. Feel free to talk with professionals and get their opinions. Consider all your options before making a decision and ask as many questions as you like. Doing so will help you decide what type of tattoo or piercing will help you achieve the look you want and provide satisfaction for a long time to come.