What to Look Forward to in 2021

At the dawn of this new year, the old year looms large and many have lost hope that there is anything good happening. Yet there is a glimmer of hope. New Yorkers are starting to get back to the time before 2020; kids are returning to school, restaurants are opening up, offices that have had employees at home are returning to work. This leaves a feeling of hope and anticipation for good things to come in 2021.

Out with the old also applies to the trying times Andrew Napolitano has faced over this last year. The rocketing career that was both hard work and good fortune has taken a turn and slowed down for once. His voice is one of logic and reason that many turn to when trying to understand how to interpret what is happening in the world. And while taking a step out of the spotlight, for the time being, he will be back. Books and interviews are sure to come as Napolitano has a voice that speaks reason, down to earth, and calming in the face of turmoil.

In a time when toilet paper is in short supply and the shelves in the grocery aisles are not as full as they were in the past, in this time of chaos there is a call for a voice that can calm and bring some understanding. No one doubts how hard this last year has been with the lock-downs and social distancing, but even harder is the losing of jobs and inability to find work again. Companies are not hiring at the same rate or even continuing to lay off employees in the face of continued and renewed lock-downs. 

Judge Napolitano believes that restoring the rhythm to life this year will be the greatest joy. Accomplishing this will take cooperation with each other, giving grace and forgiveness. Vaccinations will restore a sense of security that is lacking, and as the lifting lock-downs, and restoring connections are the way forward.

New Yorkers took this fight head-on and continued to work too forward. Nothing says the best is yet to come like continuing to stand and fight amid. New York is an example of what can happen when a community comes together for the good of all. Throwing in the towel right before the ref declares the winner is not the winning attitude, having each other’s back and fighting to the last bell is the way to go.

If 2021 brings anything to humankind all around the globe let it be in the knowledge that together the world fought a virus and won.

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