Where To Buy The High Quality Permanent Magnets

Permanents magnets are manufactured with special alloys, such as nickel, cobalt, and iron. Some of these magnets are also made of neodymium, samarium, ferrite, and alnico. Custom magnets bulk can also be ordered from manufacturers. Unlike the ordinary electromagnets, a permanent magnet produces a constant magnetic field without requiring any external electrical or magnetism power. A permanent magnet provides the benefit of operating without extra power factor that provides better energy-efficiency. There are multiple applications of permanent magnets that make them superior among other magnets. Different types of materials, grades, and magnetization can be used to supply these magnets.

Characteristics of permanent magnets

Before we discuss the place to buy high-quality permanent magnets, let’s discuss the characteristics of permanent magnets. Different factors help illustrate the quality of permanents magnets, such as the pulling force, strength of remanence or magnetic field, and the coercivity or resistance being demagnetized.

The characteristics of a permanent magnet also affect its performance and the temperature upon which the magnet is subjected, though some materials like alnico or samarium can attain specific stability at higher temperatures. For instance, if the maximum limit of working temperature is exceeded, then a magnet can be demagnetized. In such a situation, you will require expert technical advice.

A permanent magnet can be made in different shapes, such as rings, discs, segments, and blocks. It is completely the choice of customers in which shape they need a permanent magnet. The majority of the permanent magnets come in the coated form to protect them against different adversities, including corrosion. Thus, a coated permanent magnet provides better performance as compared to non-coated ones. Permanent magnets come in various coatings, however, the most common are: nylon, epoxy, Teflon, and rubber.

Since the past few years, the demand for permanent magnets has increased to a great extent. This is because of their multiple applications in various sectors like automotive, engines, wind energy, and medicine. All these sectors require quality products that are safe to use, and for that, high-quality permanent magnets are the best choice.

Where to buy?

When you look for a place to buy high-quality permanent magnets, it is recommended to look for the above-mentioned characteristics. Always opt for a manufacturer who has experience and expertise in this field. Make sure your chosen manufacturer offers high-quality permanent magnets along with good technical service and advice. Also, look for the available stock so that you can buy permanent magnets in bulk.

Some manufacturers also offer custom permanent magnets to compensate all those customers who want magnets in certain shapes and materials. Customers can request for a permanent magnet in disc, rectangle, ring, arc, or block shape. They can select any material if they want a custom permanent magnet such as neodymium, samarium cobalt, alnico, ferrite, or iron. Customers can also request for special features as per their needs, including:

  • Special coatings
  • Magnetic orientation at a specific angle
  • Thermal stabilization
  • Data as needed (magnetic & dimensional inspection)