Why You Need Annual Air Conditioner Checkups

You never know what kind of summer you’ll have in the GTA, but the odds are it will be muggy and hot. 

You know the importance of being prepared for sweltering days and nights — when it’s the middle of July and the temperature has risen to 35 degrees, and the humidity is so bad that it feels as though you’re trekking through a swamp.

The absolute last thing you want to happen is your air conditioner (AC) to defect. You rely on the AC to keep your home nice and cool. However, if you don’t regularly maintain your unit, that nice and cool home will quickly become the hot and sticky swamp you’re trying to avoid. 

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your AC unit. At the beginning of each summer, visit a trusted and local HVAC contractor such as Evam Canada —trusted and experienced experts serving Mississauga and the GTA for over 25 years. 

Discover the importance of seasonal air conditioning repair and maintenance and schedule yours today!

You’ll Keep Your Family and Home Safe

Air conditioners depend on electricity to run and have many intricate parts. If dust and dirt build up and clog the system, it is easy for these parts to break and fires to start. This is obviously a huge safety concern.

Regular air conditioning maintenance services clean and check all parts of the AC unit to ensure that they are in perfect shape and working properly. 

You’ll Save Money

When an AC unit is properly maintained, it runs more efficiently. You’ll be using less energy to run it, and your utility bills won’t be high

When your system is running smoothly and efficiently it will last longer. This means repair costs will reduce and its life will be extended. You won’t have to spend unnecessary money on a new unit until much further into the future.

Your Summer Will be More Enjoyable  

Without a home to escape to with a working air conditioner, the heat can cause you to lose sleep, get sick, and generally make you uncomfortable and distressed. It’s even worse if you have pets: not only does the heat affect them negatively but you’ll also have fur stuck to your furniture, clothes, and skin all summer long.

Summer only lasts for a couple of months in the GTA so it’s important to enjoy it while you can.

Your Air Quality Improves

If your AC unit is dirty, dusty, or moldy, it will most likely blow some of that debris into the air of your home. This can irritate allergies, affect breathing, and can cause your home to smell.

After being out in the heat, nothing is nicer than coming home and opening the door to a cool, clean, and refreshing home. When you keep your AC clean you’re also keeping your home’s air clean. 

This summer, be sure to have your air conditioner maintained by a professional HVAC contractor. You’ll save money, feel healthier, and have an all-around better summer because of it!

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