Energised throughout the day

Are you energised throughout the day?

More than 10 years ago, when I left Serbia and moved to California, I was excited to taste all different foods and flavours. It was fascinating to me that all kinds of cuisines can be found in close proximity. More than that, I was excited to have Thai cuisine today and Mexican tomorrow. Each day of the week I could’ve had specialties from a different country.

As exciting as that was, I quickly gained some extra weight and wasn’t even aware of it. It hit me when I got lazy and tired, not wanting to do activities I usually enjoyed. The food I ate was usually high in sugar, fat and processed.
At the time I also played sports, but as soon as volleyball season ended it was more apparent that I put on some extra kilograms and that level of energy went down.

Do you ever feel like you would rather lay down after lunch then go back to work?

If you have to stay on top of your game, it could be that you are not performing as well as you could because of what you consume.
It is normal that more blood flows to help your stomach digest food, but what makes a difference between one who ate a hamburger and fries as oppose to vegetable stew and rice is the type of food being digested.
It takes longer to digest meat and processed food. Along with that, your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs from the food you ingested, therefore not getting enough energy.

In an experiment done in multiple corporations, it was found that employees who ate a plant based nutrition significantly improved levels of anxiety, depression and fatigue. It makes sense that we would get frustrated with ourselves and come home to our family exhausted and dissatisfied with not productive in what we do.

If this goes on for some time, it would reflect on one’s mood and relationships.

Many years ago when I changed to veggie diet, I experienced a great relief when it came to digestion. My job as kid’s animator was demanding high energy levels at all times and I was only able to perform well when I made changes in my diet.
Firstly, I eliminated meat and only a few days later I felt more keen to do activities at work and beyond.
After a while, I also realised that my digestion would improve whenever I ate less dairy, until I completely removed that too.

Not too long ago, I discovered that a raw plant-based diet is what makes me want to run. I would rarely feel any fatigue or need to nap after a meal.

This process of figuring out what works for me and my body lasted about 7 years. What I did is constantly learn, experiment and implement.

For example, my mornings start with a juicy piece of fruit. In the summer time, it is usually some kind of melon as oppose to citrus fruit in the off season. Then I would eat my second breakfast in a form of a smoothie, porridge or simply a banana with nuts. This works for me perfectly and it helps me start off my day on a good note.

Your digestion can improve and as more you learn about what works for you, the more you will train your body to absorb the nutrients it needs to function at its optimal levels. You will perform better at work and have energy for your family and other activities.

How often do you experiment to enchase your energy levels?


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